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    What I posted in 2017:

    Most of his books are for adults, but four other juvenile books are:

    Funny Comebacks to Rude Remarks 1990.
    The Laugh-a-Minute Joke Book 1991.
    Best Back-to-School Jokes, 1998.
    Super Silly School Jokes, 2001 (co-author)


    (some interviews)

    (reader reviews and covers)



    Hit or Miss Management: The World's First Organic, Natural, Holistic, Environmentally Sound Management Technique, illustrated by Jeffrey Lieppman, Houghton (Boston), 1980.
    How to Write and Sell (Your Sense of) Humor, Writer's Digest (Cincinnati), 1982, published as Comedy Writing Step by Step: How to Write and Sell Your Sense of Humor, Samuel French (Los Angeles), 1990.
    How to Hold Your Audiences with Humor: A Guide to More Effective Speaking, Writer's Digest, 1984.
    Using Humor for Effective Business Speaking, Sterling Publishing (New York), 1989.

    Gene Perret's Funny Business: Speaker's Treasury of Business Humor for All Occasions, Prentice-Hall (Englewood Cliffs, NJ), 1990.
    Comedy Writing Workbook, Sterling Publishing, 1990.
    Funny Comebacks to Rude Remarks (juvenile joke collection), Sterling Publishing, 1990.
    The Laugh-a-Minute Joke Book (juvenile joke collection), Sterling Publishing, 1991.
    Super Funny School Jokes (juvenile joke collection), Sterling Publishing, 1991. (With daughter, Terry Perret Martin) Great One-Liners, illustrated by Myron Miller, Sterling Publishing, 1992.
    Becoming a Richer Writer, Jester Press, 1993.
    Shift Your Writing Career into High Gear, Writer's Digest, 1993.
    I Love My Boss and 969 Other Business Jokes, Sterling Publishing, 1993.
    (With daughter, Linda Perret) Bigshots, Pipsqueaks, and Windbags: Jokes, Stories, and One-Liners about People, Power, and Politics, Prentice-Hall, 1993.
    Successful Stand-Up Comedy: Advice from a Comedy Writer, Samuel French, 1994. (With Martin) Classic One-Liners, illustrated by Miller, Sterling Publishing, 1994.
    (With Martin) On the 8th Day God Laughed, Hannibal Books, 1995.
    (With Martin) Hilarious One-Liners, Sterling, 1996.
    (With Martin) Roasts and Toasts: Snappy One-Liners for Every Occasion, Sterling, 1997.
    Best Back-to-School Jokes, Sterling, 1998.
    Business Humor: Jokes and How to Deliver Them, Sterling, 1998.
    (With Martha Bolton) Talk about Hope, Jester Press, 1998.
    (With Martin) The Little Giant Encyclopedia of One-Liners, Sterling, 1999.

    Growing Older Is So Much Fun Everybody's Doing It, WitWorks, 2000.
    Someday I Want to go to all the Places My Luggage Has Been, WitWorks, 2000. Retirement, Twice the Money; Half the Time, WitWorks, 2001.
    Grandchildren Are So Much Fun We Should Have Had Them First, WitWorks, 2001. Marriage Is Forever--Somedays Longer, WitWorks, in press.
    How the West Was Won--derfully Funny, WitWorks, in press.

    Damn! That’s Funny! (Writing Humor You Can Sell), Quill Driver Press, 2005 The New Comedy Writing Step by Step, Quill Driver Press, 2007
    Unleashing Your Creativity After 50, Quill Driver Press, 2008
    Tales from the Script, BearManor Media, 2010

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