• R,I,P, Warren J. Halliburton, 98 ("Africa Today" series, 1990s)

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    He lived in Wilton, Connecticut - and later, Hempstead, New York.

    In 2021, he received an entry in "Who's Who Among African Americans."

    It's a crying shame that I could only find this tiny notice - and there's no exact date! (At least his daughter's name was included, though not the initial "J." )


    Halliburton - Warren, was born and raised in NY. He enlisted in the US Air Corps in 1943, he trained as a Tuskegee Airman, completing his military service in 1946. He was an educator, writer, author and is a member of the NYU Athletic Hall of Fame.
    Warren is survived by his daughter Cheryl, and his five grandchildren.

    Published by Newsday on Feb. 6, 2023.

    (this has his track and field record - and an old photo of him)

    (includes photo from 2013, I take it - plus a short article he wrote)

    (a few reader reviews)

    (two Kirkus reviews - one book is about Clarence Thomas) ___________________________________________________

    What I posted in 2014:

    (very long)


    "Warren J. Halliburton was one of the first authors to provide access
    to African-American resources to the American public. Publishing from
    the 1970s through the early 1990s, Halliburton offered a wide array
    of materials to his readers, including simply worded biographies of
    famous black Americans and histories of significant achievement of
    black Americans aimed at school-aged children. He also contributed
    eight volumes to the reference-based Africa Today Series. Although Halliburton's writing never gained him much critical or public
    attention, his books were some of the very first on the shelves of
    many school libraries that addressed issues important to African

    "...Halliburton followed his recounting of the events surrounding
    Custer's last stand in The Tragedy of Little Bighorn, published in
    1989, with another biography of a prominent black American, Supreme
    Court Justice Clarence Thomas, published in 1993. In 1992 and 1993
    Halliburton published eight titles in the Africa Today Series, with
    topics ranging from wildlife to industries to city and village life.
    The series, which is aimed at fourth- to sixth-graders, attempts to
    make complex issues accessible to school-aged children. In his last publication, Historic Speeches of African Americans, Halliburton
    compiles speeches by such famous black Americans as W. E. B. DuBois,
    Booker T. Washington, Martin Luther King, and Malcolm X.

    "Although many of his books have gone out of print, Halliburton's
    prolific literary offerings marked an important place in the growth
    and development of a core of nonfiction writings focused on African
    and African-American topics."

    (book covers)


    (Editor with Mauri E. Pelkonen) New Worlds of Literature,
    Harcourt, 1966.
    The Heist (novel), McGraw, 1969.
    Cry, Baby! (novel), McGraw, 1969.
    Some Things that Glitter (novel), illustrated by Elzia Moon,
    McGraw, 1969.
    (With William L. Katz) American Majorities and Minorities: A
    Syllabus of United States History for Secondary Schools, Arno, 1970.
    (With Laurence Swinburne and Steve Broudy) They Had a Dream,
    Pyramid Publications, 1970.
    (Editor and contributor) America's Color Caravan, four volumes,
    Singer Graflex, 1971.
    The Picture Life of Jesse Jackson, F. Watts, 1972, second
    edition, 1984.
    (Editor) Short Story Scene, Globe, 1973.
    The History of Black Americans, Harcourt, 1973.
    (With Agnes A. Postva) Composing with Sentences, Cambridge
    Books, 1974.
    (With Ernest Kaiser) Harlem: A History of Broken Dreams,
    Doubleday, 1974.
    Pathways to the World of English, Globe, 1974.
    The Fighting Redtails: America's First Black Airmen, illustrated
    by John Gampert, Contemporary Perspectives, 1978.
    Flight to the Stars: The Life of Daniel James, Jr., Contemporary Perspectives, 1979.
    The People of Connecticut: A History Textbook on Connecticut,
    Connecticut Yankees, 1984.
    The Picture Life of Michael Jackson, F. Watts, 1984.
    The Tragedy of Little Bighorn, F. Watts, 1989.
    Clarence Thomas: Supreme Court Justice, Enslow, 1993.
    (Compiler and introduction) Historic Speeches of African
    Americans, F. Watts, 1993.


    Africa's Struggle for Independence, Crestwood, 1992.
    African Wildlife, Crestwood, 1992.
    Celebrations of African Heritage, Crestwood, 1992.
    Nomads of the Sahara, Crestwood, 1992.
    African Industries, Crestwood, 1993.
    African Landscapes, Crestwood, 1993.
    Africa's Struggle to Survive, Crestwood, 1993.
    City and Village Life, Crestwood, 1993.


    "Also adapter of text editions of Jack London's Call of the Wild,
    Douglas Wallop's The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant, and Paddy
    Chayefsky's Marty and Printer's Measure, all McGraw, 1968. Contributor
    of about one hundred short stories, adaptations, and articles to
    periodicals; writer of fifteen filmstrips and a motion picture, Dig!"

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