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    "Patricia Wolcott Berger age 93 of Concord, Massachusetts passed away at her home on Thursday, December 1, 2022, following a long illness. She was the wife of the late Raoul Berger who died in 2000.

    "Patricia Wolcott was born in Lowell, Massachusetts a daughter to the late John Gilmore Wolcott and Priscilla Clapp Wolcott Barker. Patty graduated from Concord Academy, Wheelock College, and Columbia School of Education. She taught elementary school,
    worked as an editor for Houghton Mifflin and continued her love of children by writing a series of children’s books. Her 10-word book series became an early learning addition to many classrooms.

    "Patty had six younger cousins who became her extended family. Her many enduring friendships included Gordon Lentell who reconnected with her for a joyful later life. Patty loved to travel and spent many vacations seeing different parts of the world.
    She will be remembered for her joy of life, her contagious laugh and the care and concern she shared with everyone.

    "A family celebration of life to remember Patty will be held on a later date..."

    What I posted in 2019:

    "I wrote the first `Read-by-Myself' books (Addison-Wesley), because as
    a teacher, I felt most of the published easy-to-read books had too
    many words for children at the very beginning of their reading lives,
    and that a means of exciting the interest of these children was
    essential. My other writing for children, including The Reef of Coral
    mentioned above, is of a different style. There, I attempt to write a
    story book with lyrical overtones."

    (book covers)

    (two Kirkus reviews)

    (reader reviews)


    The Reef of Coral, Singer-Random House, 1969.

    The Cake Story, 1974.
    "The woodland creatures eat the bear's cake while he sleeps, but
    later, repentant, they make it up to him."

    The Forest Fire, 1974.
    "Animals mistake a patch of bright flowers for a forest fire."

    I'm Going to New York to Visit the Queen, 1974.
    "Two children walk through the streets of New York and visit the ship,
    Queen Elizabeth II."

    The Marvelous Mud Washing Machine, 1974.
    "A young boy with a great affinity for mud also has a unique way of
    washing for dinner."

    Where Did That Naughty Little Hamster Go?, 1974.

    Beware of a Very Hungry Fox, 1975.
    "Four little chipmunks wander into a forest thinking they are unafraid
    of a very hungry fox--and then they meet one."

    My Shadow and I, 1975.
    "As the large old tree near his house seems to become a frightening
    monster, a little boy and his shadow battle this adversary with their broom-weapons."

    Pickle Pickle Pickle Juice, 1975.
    "Peter picks a million pickles which pop and form a pickle juice

    Super Sam and the Salad Garden, 1975.
    "A dog saves a garden planted by two young gardeners from being
    wrecked by neighborhood ruffians."

    Tunafish Sandwiches, 1975.
    "Beginning concept of the food chain by showing the part tiny
    phytoplankton play in providing tuna for 2 children's tunafish

    Double-Decker, Double-Decker, Double-Decker Bus, illustrated by Bob
    Barner, 1980.
    "A youngster builds a double-decker bus, to the delight of the other neighborhood children."

    The Dragon and the Wild Fandango, illustrated by Bill Morrison, 1980.

    Eeeeeek!, illustrated by Ned Delaney, 1981.
    "A lynx captures a fox, a hare, and a woodpecker to make a stew, but
    then he falls asleep."

    Pirates, Pirates over the Salt, Salt Sea, illustrated by Bill
    Morrison, 1981.
    "Animals sailing on a sunny day are befriended by a whale who rescues
    them when they are attacked by pirates."

    The Dragon and the Gold, 1983.

    This Is Weird, pictures by Nicole Rubel, 1986.
    "Three children play the game "Key to the Kingdom" and have an amazing adventure."

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