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    I simply CANNOT understand why I couldn't find this news back in July. Unless it was a mistake to include her maiden name, McKay. (I found the obit, this time, by searching on her first and last name, plus "Dallas" and "author.")

    It's funny, though - I thought she was born in Chisholm, MN!

    I don't know whether there's any connection between her and the FICTIONAL Dorothy Martin created by the 81-year-old Indiana mystery writer, Jeanne M. Dams. (Dams, an Agatha Award winner, said she named the heroine after her "favorite cousin.")


    "Dorothy Martin, born March 19, 1921, died on January 29, 2022. Born in Duluth, MN, Dorothy spent her adult life in Chicago until her husband, Alfred, retired from Moody Bible Institute in 1980. They moved to Dallas in 1980. Dr. Alfred Martin died in
    1996. Dorothy was an author who specialized in adolescent literature writing some of the first Christian novels aimed at a female teen audience. She is survived by children, Dorothy (Tim Sumners), John (Kathryn) Martin and Sarah Bridge,10 grandchildren,
    11 great-grandchildren and 3 great-great grandchildren..."

    (slideshow - with harp music? - 7:31 minutes)

    She also wrote the 1980s "Vickie" mystery series.

    Not to be confused with Dorothy L. "Del" Martin (1921-2008), adult writer and lesbian activist, even though the "Something About the Author" encyclopedia series makes that mistake!

    That is, in her sole entry, it lists the books I list below and has all the correct biographic details, but the later indexes claim that the YA author died in 2008 - and include "Del" as a name for her. (Del Martin married her wife, Phyllis Lyon, on
    February 12, 2004, in the first same-sex wedding to take place in San Francisco.)

    Most of what I posted on Martin's 100th birthday in 2021:

    (book covers)

    A few more covers:


    (some synopses)

    (reader reviews - this claims the last "Peggy" book was written in 1988)

    Published by Moody, except as indicated:

    * Christian Etiquette for Everyday Living, 1969, published as
    Etiquette for Everyday Living, 1974.
    * No Place to Hide, 1971.
    * Creative Family Worship, 1976.
    * Moody Bible Institute: God's Power in Action, 1977.
    * John Knox, the Scottish Reformer, 1982.
    * Mystery of the Stolen Flight Bag, 1983.
    * The Story of Billy McCarrell, 1983.
    * Malla Moe and her Gospel Wagon, 1985.

    Personal Bible study guides; with husband, Alfred Martin:

    * The Bible, 1971.
    * The Lord Jesus Christ, 1973.
    * The Holy Spirit, 1974.

    Adolescent fiction:

    * A Shining Tomorrow, Zondervan, 1963.
    * Edge of Belonging, 1963.
    * Light at the Top of the Stairs, 1974.
    * The Other Side of Yesterday, 1978.

    "Peggy" series:

    * New Life for Peggy, 1957.
    * Open Doors for Peggy, 1958.
    * Moore Answers for Peggy, 1959.
    * Mystery Solved for Peggy, 1962.
    * Hopes Fulfilled for Peggy, 1963.
    * Wider Horizons for Peggy, 1964.
    * Chapter Closed for Peggy, 1966.
    * Faith at Work for Peggy, 1970.
    * Prayers Answered for Peggy, 1976.

    "Vickie" series:

    * Mystery of the Missing Bracelets, 1980.
    * Mystery on the Fourteenth Floor, 1980.
    * Mystery of the Jade Earing, 1980.
    * The Mystery of the Empty House, 1981.
    * Mystery in the Neighbor's Apartment, 1982.

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    This works better for the non-Peggy book covers:


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