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    What Michael Rhodes posted, elsewhere, back then:

    "Wes Magee, who died 21 October 2021, aged 82, was a British poet and children's author. He published six collections of poetry for adults, and more than 90 books for children including poetry, fiction, plays, picture books, and anthologies. One of his
    most well known works is the poem "Windows". Poems for children featured in the Cbeebies series Poetry Pie. Magee performed poetry shows in schools around the UK, as well as Germany, the Isle of Man and Guernsey. He was also a visiting professor at
    Rollins College, Florida, and Kuwait."


    (this has some of his poems)

    (many tributes)

    (bio and booklist)



    What I posted in 2019:



    (book covers)

    (reader reviews)

    (three Q&A interviews, plus video interviews)


    Postcard from a Long Way Off, Ulsterman (Portrush, County Antrim), 1969.
    The Radish, Sceptre Press (Frensham, Surrey, England), 1970.
    Urban Gorilla, Leeds University Press (Leeds, England), 1972.
    Proust in a Crowded Store, Sceptre Press (Rushden, Northamptonshire, England), 1974.
    No Man's Land, Keepsake Press (Richmond, Surrey, England), 1976.
    Creature of the Bay: A Set of Poems, Court Poetry Press (Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, England), 1976.
    Headland Graffiti, Sceptre Press (Knotting, Bedfordshire, England), 1978.
    No Surrender!, Headland (Liverpool, England), 1978.
    The Dream Spectres, Byron Press (Nottingham, England), 1978.
    No Man's Land, Blackstaff Press (Belfast, Ireland), 1978.
    Aberllefenni: At the Slate Quarry, Xenia Press (Bristol, England), 1976. Wrecks, Xenia Press, 1978.
    (With John Cotton) Poems for a Course (2), 2 volumes, Priap us (Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England), 1980-84.
    The Football Replays, Greylag Press (Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire, England), 1980.
    A Dark Age, Blackstaff Press, 1981.
    (Editor) All the Day Through, illustrated by David Sim, Evans Brothers (London), 1982.
    Flesh or Money: Poems, Littlewood Arc Press (Todmorden, Yorkshire, England), 1990.


    Reptile Rhymes, Xenia Press (Bristol, England), 1977.
    The Space Beasts, Kent Library Service (Maidstone, England), 1979.
    The Witch's Brew, and Other Poems, illustrated by Marc Vyvyan-Jones, Cambridge University Press (New York City), 1990.
    Morning Break, and Other Poems, illustrated by Valeria Petrone, Cambridge University Press, 1990.
    The Legend of the Ragged Boy, illustrated by Linda Hennessy, Andersen Press (London), 1992, Arcade (New York City), 1993.
    (With Matt Simpson and Pete Dixon) Matt, Wes, and Pete, illustrated by Woody, Macmillan (London), 1995, republished as Lost Property Box, illustraed by Lucy Maddison, 1998.
    Carly's Cat: A Poem, illustrated by Stephen Lewis, Ginn (Aylesbury), 1998. John's Birthday Party, illustrated by Marc Vyvyan-Jones, Longman (Harlow), 1999.
    Nibbling the Page: Poems in Different Forms,, illustrated by Sarah Geeves and Sue Woollatt, Longman (Harlow), 2000.
    The Boneyard Rap and Other Poems,, illustrated by Keith Brumpton, Hodder Wayland (London), 2000.
    The Phantom's Fang-tastic Show, illustrated by Leo Bradley, Oxford University Press, 2000.
    Where Does Laughter Begin?: Poems that Play with Language, illustrated by Marc Vyvyan-Jones, Longman (Harlow), 2000.
    The Very Best of Wes Magee: A Book of Poems,, illustrated by Sally Kindberg, Macmillan (London), 2001.


    The Real Spirit of Christmas (one-act; first produced in Swindon, England, at Park North School Theatre, 1978), Samuel French (London), 1978.
    The Working Children, Ginn (Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England), 1993.


    Oliver, the Daring Birdman, Longman (London), 1978.
    Don't Do That!, 6 volumes (story books), Ginn, 1987.
    Story Starters, 4 volumes (short stories and rhymes), Ginn, 1987.
    The Scribblers of Scumbagg School, illustrated by Tony Blundell, Orchard Books (London), 1993.
    The Scumbagg School Scorpion, Orchard Books, 1994.
    Sports Day at Scumbagg School, Orchard Books, 1995.
    The Spookspotters of Scumbagg School, Orchard Books, 1996.
    The Big Snowball,, illustrated by Val Biro, Heinemann Educational (OXford), 1996.
    The Bag of Coal,, illustrated by Val Biro, Heinemann Educational (OXford), 1996.
    Creepy Castle,, illustrated by Val Biro, Heinemann Educational (OXford), 1996. Fire in Wildwood,, illustrated by Val Biro, Heinemann Educational (OXford), 1996.
    The Emperor and the Nightingale: A Story from China, illustrated by Rhian Nest Jones, Ginn (Oxford), 1999.
    The Fantastic Four and the Winter Games, illustrated by Amanda Wood, Oxford University Press, 1999.
    The Fantastic Four at the Seaside, illustrated by Amanda Wood, Oxford University Press, 1999.
    The Winterworld War, illustrated by Anthony Lewis, Barrington Stoke (Edinburgh), 2002.


    All the Day Through, Evans Brothers, 1982.
    Dragon's Smoke, Blackwell (Oxford, England), 1985.
    A Shooting Star, Blackwell, 1985.
    A Calendar of Poems, illustrated by Gary Wing, Bell & Hyman (London), 1986.
    A Christmas Stocking, Cassell (London), 1988.
    A Big Poetry Book, Blackwell, 1988.
    Read a Poem, Write a Poem, Blackwell, 1988.
    Madtail, Miniwhale and Other Shape Poems, illustrated by Caroline Crossland, Viking Kestrel (London), 1989.
    Poets Writing in a Variety of Forms, Longman (Harlow), 1999.


    "Author of children's books, Crazy Cousins, 1994; Missing Bear, 1994; Sandwich Poets (2), 1994; Surprise, Surprise, 1994; Missing!, 1996; The Snow Boy and the Snow Girl, 1996. Contributor to poetry anthologies, including Faber & Faber's Poetry
    Introduction: 2 and The Puffin Book of Christmas Poems, illustrated by Jill Bennett. Editor of juvenile anthologies, Poetry: Collections, 1990, and Imaginative Writing, 1992; founder and managing editor of the literary magazine Prism, 1964-67."

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