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    I hope the people on this newsgroup can help track this down!

    A friend of mine remembers a poem from her childhood (in the
    1950s), in one of her Childcraft books, about a character named
    Jonathan Bing. What she can recall of the poem goes something
    like this:

    Oh, Jonathan Bing, Bingathan John
    Forgot where he was going, and thought he had gone.

    She also remembers Jonathan Bing going to have tea with the
    king and forgetting to put on his clothes and other silly

    If anyone can give her more information about the poem, its
    author, or the book in which the poem appeared, she would be
    very grateful. Please respond to my e-mail address, and I'll
    be glad to summarize to the list if others are interested in
    the answer(s).

    Thanks very much,
    Pat Bryant pbr...@kumc.edu
    I know this one by heart, but if you want the full version, I is from the old child craft books (#2) from 19. it's written by Beatrice Curtis Brown.

    Oh Johnathan Bing, Oh Bingathan John
    Forgets where he's going and thinks he has gone
    He wears his faulse teeth on the top of his head
    and he always stands up when he's sleeping in bed

    Oh Johnathan Bing has a curious way
    of trying to walk into yesterday
    If I end with my breakfast and start with my tea
    I aut to be able to do it says he

    Oh johnathan Bing is a miser they say
    Who likes to save trouble and put it away
    If I never get up in the morning he says
    I shall save all the trouble of going to bed

    Oh Johnathan Bing what a way to behave
    and what do you do with the trouble you save?
    Why I wrap it up neatly and send it by post
    To my friends and relations who need it the most

    This was written by my aunt. Just seeing this very old conversation now as I have been doing family history research.

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