• R.I.P. Don Almquist(?), 92, in March (illustrator: "Christmas with Ed S

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    He lived in New Castle, Delaware.


    "...Almquist has exhibited in seven one-man shows and sixteen juried shows in the US, Canada and Sweden while garnering a number of awards.[citation needed] Earlier in his career, he served as an art and creative director for Ahlen & Akerlund in
    Stockholm, Sweden, one of the largest and influential publishing houses in Europe, and also as graphics advisor to the US Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service in Washington, D.C."


    (brief resume)

    (book covers)

    Given the gentle content of most of Catherine Woolley's stories, you won't believe what "Libby Shadows a Lady" is about!


    Christmas with Ed Sullivan by Ed Sullivan, Betty Precht Sullivan, and
    Don Almquist (Hardcover - 1959)
    "There are selections from Truman Capote, Bing Crosby, Moss Hart,
    Peral Buck, Eleanor Gehrig (My Last Christmas With Lou), Walter
    Cronkite (The Christmas Guest), Clark Gable, James Hilton, David
    Niven, Bret Harte, Eddie Cantor J. Edgar Hoover, James Garner, Jackie
    Robinson, Ted Williams, and many more."
    "This volume from the 1950's is filled with Ed and his narcissism, and
    his sister, Echo, too. The illustrations are totally retro 50's, with
    jolly Santas and sleighs. Everyone is smiling like they have some
    secret, like they know the 50's are just about over and good 'ole Ed
    will invite an English group, the Beatles, to be on his 'realllly BIG Shoooeoeooww!"

    What Did I See? by William Jay Smith and Don Almquist (Hardcover -

    Loudmouse A Modern Masters Book for Children by Richard Wilbur and Don
    Almquist (Hardcover - 1963)
    "Poet Richard Wilbur's first children's book, the story of a small
    mouse with a big voice." "A mouse with a loud voice saves his family
    from a mousetrap and a cat and protects his house from a burglar."

    Doomed Road of Empire: the Spanish Trail of Conquest by Hodding Carter
    and A. B., Jr. (Edited) Guthrie and Don Almquist (Hardcover - 1963)
    "...the doomed highway of Mr. Carter's book is the lesser known of
    the Royal Road routes, but true and colorful route along which passed
    the troops of five nations, the pioneers, contraband and war supplies, smugglers, missionaries, and men going to help Texas gain

    Spring is Like the Morning by M. Jean Craig, 1965, illus by Don
    "Children's book about the coming of Spring, end of Winter."

    Summer Is a Very Busy Day by M. Jean Craig, 1967
    "The sights, sounds and aromas of summer are conveyed to the young
    reader, as well as the natural processes, laying of eggs, dropping of
    seeds, maturing of vegetation.etc,"

    Dolls From Cheyenne by Patricia Miles (illus. by Don Almquist) Martin (Hardcover - Jan 1, 1967)
    "It was in her cupola room that Victoria made her wish, to learn to
    ride a horse. And it was here that she and Alexander rode with the
    dolls through a pink forest. This is the story of a wish that comes
    true. Maybe Victoria's room was a magic room, and maybe it wasn't."

    Not Very Much of a House by M. Jean Craig and Don Almquist (Hardcover
    - Jan 1, 1967)
    "Simon's friends, a fox, a beaver, a squirrel, and a honeybee know
    how to build a house and show Simon."

    It Never is Dark by Illustrated by Don Almquist Florence Parry Heide
    and Sylvia W. Van Clief (Hardcover - 1968)
    "When the light is out, the door is shut it's comfort to know
    that.somewhere is shining some kind of light. Color and B/W
    illustrations accompany this warm verse-story for children or anyone
    who thinks the night is too dark."

    Some Animals are Very Small by Edward Lindemann and Don Almquist
    (Hardcover - Jan 1, 1968)
    "...introduction to tiny animals, from microscopic ones to sow bugs."

    Name and Know Book - In the Big Store: Early Childhood Discovery
    Materials by Bank Street College of education and Don Almquist
    (Paperback - 1969)

    When Grandmother Was Young by Maxine Kumin, 1969

    When Mother Was Young by Kumin, Maxine. (Almquist, Don). 1970.

    When great-grandmother was young, by Maxine Kumin. Illus. by Don
    Almquist. 1971,

    Cathy Uncovers A Secret by Catherine Woolley and Don Almquist
    (Hardcover - Jan 1, 1972)
    "Twelve-year-old Cathy tries to discover the secret associated with
    her house after her curiosity is aroused by a ninety-year-old

    Ginnie and the Mystery Light by Catherine Woolley and Don Almquist
    (Hardcover - Jan 1, 1973)

    Holidays and Customs: Childcraft #9: The How and Why Library (Volume
    9) by Childcraft International, Field Enterprises Educational
    Corporation, Robert Keys, and Dean Wessel (Hardcover - 1974)

    The Spectrum of Music with Related Arts by Mary Val Marsh, Carroll
    Rinehart, Edith Savage, Ralph Beelke, Ronald Silverman, 1974
    "A lavishly illustrated music instruction book for children which
    correlates music as an art form to other art forms."

    Libby Shadows a Lady by Catherine Woolley and Don Almquist (Hardcover
    - 1974)
    "A mystery set in New York City where a girl inadvertently breaks up a kidnapping ring supplying babies for adoption."

    Black Rock a Bicentennial Picture Book a Visual History of the Old
    Seaport of Bridgeport Connecticut 1644 to 1976 by Dick Jones, 1976

    Broken Promise by Florence Parry Heide and Sylvia W. Van Clief, 1978

    Bring Your Glove by Bernard Most and Don Almquist (Pamphlet - 1979)

    The Country Journal Book of Birding and Bird Attraction by Alan
    Pistorius and Illus. by Don Almquist (Hardcover - Jan 1, 1981)

    Season at the Point: The Birds and Birders of Cape May by Jack Connor
    and Don Almquist (Hardcover - Jun 1991)

    Dragged Aboard: A Cruising Guide for the Reluctant Mate by Don Casey
    ( 1998)
    "A guide to make that reluctant mate at ease with sailing."


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