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    Oddly, most sources say she was born on July 1st...1928.


    First half:

    Paso Robles, California - Elizabeth A. Van Steenwyk, distinguished children's writer and businesswoman, passed away peacefully at the age of 95 on July 22, 2021.
    Elizabeth was born and raised in Galesburg, Illinois. She went to Knox College in Galesburg, where she received her B. A. degree. It was also in Galesburg where she met and married Donald Van Steenwyk, after which they moved to California and raised four
    children while developing several businesses.
    Elizabeth pursued a career in writing, becoming an award winning author of over 75 published children's books. In the early 1970's, Don and Elizabeth invested in acreage on the west side of Paso Robles, from which Adelaida Vineyards and Winery developed.
    Elizabeth was the CEO and owner of Adelaida Vineyards for over 35 years.

    (includes photo)

    (book covers)

    From 2002:

    "Van Steenwyk's newest book, "One Fine Day," is forthcoming from
    Eerdman's. Her other books include two set during World War II --
    "Maggie in the Morning," about a girl spending the summer of 1941 in
    Oquawka, Illinois, and "A Traitor Among Us," about a boy living in Nazi-occupied Holland in 1944. "When Abraham Talked to Trees" is about
    Abraham Lincoln's love for books as a boy; and "My Name is York," is
    about the Lewis and Clark expedition, told from the point of view of
    Clark's young slave. "

    (birthday post from 2018, with many links, photos, book reviews, and a link about the 1997 movie "Kayla")

    (video read-alouds)


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