• R.I.P. Shirley Hughes, 94, UK writer/illustrator & HCAA nominee

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    She was nominated for the Hans Christian Andersen Award in 1998.

    (book covers)



    “At the core of Shirley’s work is a child’s feeling, a child’s emotions. She spent her whole life taking this as seriously as many take adult feelings and emotions. This is part of what made her so special and so important,” said former
    children’s laureate Michael Rosen.

    Philip Pullman called her “a rich and wide-ranging talent”. “She’s such a warm and benevolent presence in the lives of uncountable numbers of children, and the parents who loved her when they too were children, that it’s impossible to imagine
    how we ever did without her,” he added...

    ...She started out as an illustrator for the books of other authors, getting her first major break when she was asked to take on a new series called My Naughty Little Sister, by an as-yet unknown writer, Dorothy Edwards. Published in 1952, it quickly
    became a classic – thanks in part to Hughes’s skill at capturing the body language of a grumpy little girl. She had already been personally sought out by Noel Streatfeild to illustrate a new novel, The Bell Family.




    (birthday post from 2017, with videos, interviews, reader reviews, and LONG bibliography)


    Winner of the 1977 Kate Greenaway Medal for "Dogger" and again in 2003 for "Ella's Big Chance." She also won the 1984 Eleanor Farjeon Award.

    Mother of illustrator Clara Vulliamy.

    I know Hughes mainly for her pictures in Mary Stewart's "The Little Broomstick" and the ones she did in the late 1970s in "Cricket" for Ann-Cath Vestly's book "Hello, Aurora!" (I only wish Hughes had been able to make that into a book edition - there are
    three illustrators for Vestly's stories about a 1960s Norwegian girl with a stay-at-home dad, but none is Hughes and at least one illustrator is pathetic. The stories were very controversial in Norway at the time. Besides, Hughes' warm style, even in
    black and white, was perfect, IMHO.)

    I also knew the "My Naughty Little Sister" series by Dorothy Edwards, from the 1960s through the 1990s.

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