• R.I.P. Mino MIlani, 94, Italian adventure novelist & 2-time HCAA nomine

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    Also a journalist and cartoonist, he died in Pavia, Italy, where he lived all his life.

    He was nominated for the Hans Christian Andersen Award in 1962 and 2008 - easily the biggest gap ever.

    (The Awards began in 1956, but for some reason, I can't find the names of any of the runners-up before 1962 - only the three Medalists, Eleanor Farjeon, Astrid Lindgren, and Erich Kastner. So, in a way, he was the first recognized Italian nominee! The
    Medalist that year was the American writer, Meindert DeJong. Milani was the last survivor from that year - and now only one nominee from the 1960s, German illustrator Lilo Fromm, is still alive. She was nominated in 1968.)

    According to one source, his adventure novels were influenced by James Fenimore Cooper.

    (Trouble is, very few of his books have been translated into English, it seems! One is: Man Emerges Man's Great Adventure, another is Civilization Makers.)



    The writer and journalist Mino Milani died today in his home in Pavia, the hometown where he lived all his life. He had turned 94 on February 3rd. Milani is one of the best known authors of children’s adventure books, historical essays, biographies and
    comic book writer.

    Born in Guglielmo, born in 1928, he was one of the best-known authors among those who have written successful books for various ages: from children and comics (debuting in the “ Corriere dei Piccoli ” and rewriting L’isola del treasure with Hugo
    Pratt) to adult audiences, starting with the novel “Fantasma d’amore” (Mondadori, 1977) from which director Dino Risi drew in 1981 the homonymous film with Marcello Mastroianni and Romy Schneider. He is also the author of popular essays and
    biographies dedicated to many protagonists of history with a particular love for the Risorgimento, Giuseppe Garibaldi and his exploits.

    Milani began writing for children in 1953 and has published about thirty books, as well as several hundred short stories and comic stories. Winner of numerous literary awards, his novel “Ulysses tells” was a finalist in the second edition of the
    Strega Girls and Boys Award in the 6+ category. In 2017 he was also awarded the Special Jury Prize of the Andersen Prize for the huge production that has accompanied and has accompanied the growth of the new generations for sixty years. For Einaudi
    Ragazzi he wrote, among others, “The story of Ulysses and Argo”, “The story of Daedalus and Icarus”, “Myths and legends of ancient Rome”, “Ulysses tells”, “Latin lover – Latin sayings for every occasion “and” Notte e neve “...


    (more obits - they can be translated)

    (in Italian, with LONG booklist)

    First line:

    "Guglielmo Milani known as Mino, also known by the pseudonyms of Stelio Martelli, Eugenio Ventura, Piero Selva and T. Maggio (Pavia, 3 February 1928) is a journalist, writer, cartoonist and Italian historian."

    (book covers)

    (reader reviews - all in Italian, I think)

    (short filmography)


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