• R.I.P. Bernadine Cook, 93, in Aug. 2018 ("The Little Fish That Got Away

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    Not to be confused with the physics writer.

    She was born in Saginaw, Michigan and died in Chandler, Arizona.


    Unfortunately, it's behind a paywall, but since I knew the names of her five children (George, Joan, Marcie, Lise, and Brian), at least searching on those names made it possible to confirm that it's the same Bernadine Fern Cook. (Even though it says she
    was born in December, most sources say it was September.)

    You can see an old photo here, anyway (she's wearing a white turtleneck):


    Her daughter Joan died in 2016.

    For years, she lived in Durand, Michigan, but she moved to Kincheloe in Michigan's Upper Peninsula in 2004. More on that:


    To my great annoyance, she is not in "Biography in Context."

    First lines in "The Little Fish That Got Away":

    "Once upon a time there was a little boy who liked to go fishing. See,
    there he goes, over there on the other page."

    From Something About the Author, vol. 11 (in 1977):

    " I love to travel , to meet new people , to see new places , experience new surroundings . British Columbia is a favorite spot , although I have only been there three times. Yellowstone Park both fascinates and terrifies At the pyramids near Mexico
    City I felt as though I were very close to the secret of creation . New York City was exciting . I fell in love with the friendly little chameleons in Florida . The Black Hills of Dakota were both serene and magnificent , Wyoming found a special place
    in my heart — the openness — the grandeur . But the Canadian Rockies , the Frasier Canyon , the Kottinay Mountains and the Shuswap River, the virgin forest of the Big Ben Highway , they all spell to me the handwork of a creator too magnificent to
    comprehend . And here at home , in Michigan , I find the same sense of awe just sitting on my steps on a moonlit night , smelling the woods and fields across the road, , and marveling at all the stars in the universe .

    "Sometimes I feel very lost and alone — and other times I feel as though I were one with all creation — the woods and field and earth and people around me .

    “As to motivation for writing ? I suppose an insistence to express , to release what I hold inside ."

    (Kirkus reviews of three books)

    (reader reviews)

    (interview from 2009, with book covers)

    (book covers - there are three for her first book!)


    The Little Fish That Got Away, illustrated by Crockett Johnson, 1956
    ("About a boy who goes fishing and day after day doesnt catch anything,
    then he gets lucky and catches all the fish but cannot catch this one
    little fish.")

    The Curious Little Kitten, with Remy Charlip, 1956
    ("... fantasy book dealing with how a kittten and turtle interact and how things can be found interesting right outside the home.")

    Looking for Susie, 1959
    ("Supper is almost ready in the farmhouse kitchen but where is Susie?")

    The little puppy that lost its tail!, with Joanne Weber, 1995.
    ("A small puppy enlists family and friends to look everywhere for his
    lost tail.")


    P.S. Here's what I posted in 2011, re Crockett Johnson, whose fans included Duke Ellington and Dorothy Parker.

    Philip Nel is working on a biography of Crockett Johnson and Ruth
    Krauss. For those who don't know, Crockett Johnson was known for
    "Harold & the Purple Crayon," "The Carrot Seed," and the comic strip
    "Barnaby." More here, if you like:



    "He was one of my earliest interviews. I’d heard that he knew
    Crockett Johnson, and so I wrote him a letter. On the morning of
    Monday, October 16, 2000, the phone rang. On the other end of the
    receiver was … Andy Rooney! I couldn’t believe it. Here’s an extract
    from our conversation, with apologies for my poor interviewing skills.
    (I talked too much in the early interviews. Later, I became a better
    listener.) The 'Dave Johnson' to whom Mr Rooney refers is Crockett
    Johnson — his friends called him 'Dave' (his given name)...


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