• Reviews of "The Enchanted Groce", a children's adventure/fantasy story

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    Two readers have just written reviews of my recently published
    children's book "The Enchanted Grove"

    John A. Pretorius (author of "Living in a Time of Dragons") posted a
    review on GoodReads here:


    And the bit from his review that I liked the most was "The children
    also felt like children, something I don't always get from modern
    books aimed at children."

    The second review is from Sue Fairhead and can be found here:


    And the bit I liked most from her review was:

    "Once the adventures begin, it´s quite a tense novel, one that I found difficult to put down at times. Other children´s books set in this
    kind of era often use the real world with just a few magical or
    enchanted elements, and this is no exception."

    You can get a copy of the paperback edition here:


    and the e-book version here:


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