• Patricia Reilly Giff - RIP

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    Prolific children’s book author Patricia Reilly Giff,
    widely known for her Newbery Honor-winning novels Lily’s Crossing
    and Pictures of Hollis Woods, as well as humorous series
    including the Kids of the Polk Street School, died on June 22
    at her home in Fairfield, Conn., following a long illness. She was 86.

    Patricia Reilly Giff was born April 26, 1935 in Brooklyn, N.Y. https://www.publishersweekly.com/pw/by-topic/childrens/childrens-industry-news/article/86740-obituary-patricia-reilly-giff.html

    Patricia's Penguin Random House page: https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/authors/10018/patricia-reilly-giff/

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    (birthday post from 2015 - it includes a link to her long booklist)


    ...Giff explains, "I want the children to bubble up with laughter, or to
    cry over my books. I want to picture them under a cherry tree or at the
    library with my book in their hands. But more, I want to see them reading
    in the classroom. I want to see children in solitude at their desks,
    reading, absorbing, lost in a book."

    Giff tries to write books "that say ordinary people are special." She
    says, "All of my books are based in some way on my personal experiences,
    or the experiences of members of my family, or the stories kids would tell
    me in school." Therefore, when she runs out of ideas for her books, Giff
    says, "I take a walk and look around. Maybe I spend some time in a
    classroom and watch the kids for a while. Sometimes I lie on the living
    room floor and remember my days in second grade or third. If all that
    doesn't work, I ask Ali, or Jim, or Bill"--Giff's children, whose names
    often appear in her books...

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