• R.I.P. Richard Cummings, 83, in March 2015 (Nonfiction writer: "101 Han

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    He lived in Saugerties, NY - and the Mediterranean island of Ibiza.


    (I can't seem to copy any of the obit)

    (about the 1971 Disney comedy/Western, "Scandalous John," starring Brian Keith, plus Harry Morgan as the sheriff)

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    Real name: Richard M. Gardner.
    A director and producer, he lives in NYC.
    Not to be confused with the late psychiatrist/writer, Richard A.
    He's also written adult novels.
    * Scandalous John (adult novel), Doubleday, 1963.
    * Grito! Reies Tijerina and the New Mexico Land Grant War of 1967 (nonfiction), Bobbs-Merrill, 1970.
    * The Adventures of Don Juan (novel), Viking, 1974.
    * Mandrill (novel), Pocket Books, 1975.
    * The Dragon Breath Papers (novel), Viking, 1976.
    Under name Dic Gardner; published by John Day, except as indicated; juveniles, except as indicated:
    * (Self-illustrated) Your Backyard Circus (nonfiction), 1959.
    * (Self-illustrated) Be on TV (nonfiction), 1960.
    * Danny and the Ape, Komba, 1962.
    * (Self-illustrated) Is My Job for You? (nonfiction), 1962.
    * The Impossible (adult nonfiction), Ballantine, 1962.
    * The Bridge (Junior Literary Guild selection), 1963.
    * The Baboon (nonfiction), Macmillan, 1972.
    Juvenile nonfiction under pseudonym Richard Cummings; all published by
    * (Self-illustrated) 101 Hand Puppets, 1962.
    * The Alchemists, 1966.
    * 101 Masks, 1967.
    * 101 Costumes for All Ages, All Occasions, 1972.
    * Make Your Own Comics for Fun and Profit, 1976.
    * Make Your Own Forts and Castles, 1977.
    * Make Your Own Dollhouses, 1978.
    * Make Your Own Gym, 1978.
    * Make Your Own Alternative Energy, 1979.
    * Fun with Monsters, 1979.
    * Make Your Own Detective Equipment, 1980.
    * Make Your Own Robots, 1981.
    With Clifford Irving and Robert Anderson, under joint pseudonym
    Clifford Anderson:
    * The Hollow Hero (A Novel of the Making of a TV Idol), Ace
    Books, 1959.
    "Scandalous John was made into a motion picture by Walt Disney
    Productions in 1971." (Starring Brian Keith.)


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