• Happy (late) 90th, Gloria Schlaepfer! (Writer on animals, 1992-2005)

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    Her birthday was on April 5th. Born in NYC, she became a virology technician. She lives in Anaheim, California.

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    "After I married, raised a family of four children, and actively participated in community volunteer work, I went back to college and completed a master's degree in environmental studies. It was the right time for me to pursue a new direction in my life.
    I decided to develop a meaningful career by combining my education with my commitment and passion for the environment. Writing children's books about the natural world and the remarkable plants and animals in it became my new focus.

    "I was fortunate to have a friend and retired teacher who also had an interest and concern for endangered species and other unique animals, and she agreed to join me in this new writing adventure. It was a good experience

    Read more: Gloria G. Schlaepfer (1931-) Biography - Personal, Career, Member, Honors Awards, Writings, Sidelights - Fullerton, University, York, and Books - JRank Articles https://biography.jrank.org/pages/961/Schlaepfer-Gloria-G-1931.html#ixzz6ugL3P0Wg

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