• R.I.P. Kenneth Mahood, 90, in Dec. 2020 (Belfast-born cartoonist)

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    By Ralph Hewitt, Jan. 2, 2021

    The Belfast-born former Daily Mail cartoonist Ken Mahood has been described as a "true gent" after he passed away earlier this week.

    Mr Mahood (90), who entertained Mail readers for more than 27 years with thousands of his pocket cartoons, died peacefully in St Thomas' Hospital in London on Wednesday.

    Born in Belfast on February 4, 1930, Mr Mahood once claimed to have been brought up "in a religious community so strict even the churches were closed on Sundays".

    His widow Leonie Wykes-Mahood (51), told the Mail that her husband was a "very special" man who became the love of her life for "eight beautiful years".

    "A true gent: kind, compassionate, committedgent: kind, compassionate, committed, charming, calm and wise," she continued. "He also possessed a wicked sense of humour.

    "He was extremely talented and passionate about his work and audiences and extraordinarily generous in terms of encouraging young cartoonists. His inspiration was second to none."...



    (birthday post from Feb. 2020, with booklist, artwork and reviews)


    "In 1966 Mahood became the first-ever political cartoonist on The

    From "Contemporary Authors":

    "Among Mahood's zany storybook characters is Hojo in The Laughing
    Dragon. A beloved pancake-making, chess-playing dragon who lives in
    the Emperor of Japan's palace, Hojo is plagued with a mouth that
    shoots flames when he laughs. After setting the palace afire, Hojo
    faces eviction unless he can learn to control his flames.

    "Another Mahood character, Sandy, asks silly questions in Why Are
    There More Questions Than Answers, Grandad? A young, orphaned boy,
    Sandy puzzles his grandfather with such questions as 'Does a young
    prune have wrinkles?' and 'Does dirty water need a bath?' Frustrated
    by his grandson's foolishness, Grandad sends Sandy to the attic,
    telling him to clean it before dinner. With the help of a magic book
    whose contents come to life, Sandy transforms the disheveled attic
    into a beautiful drawing room. The result? A further baffled Grandad
    with many questions of his own."

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