• R.I.P. Coleman A. Jennings, 86, in Oct. 2020 (playwright/editor: "Johnn

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    First third:

    Coleman A Jennings, theatre director, professor and former chair of the Theatre and Dance Department at The University of Texas in Austin, died on October 28, 2020. He was born on November 21, l933 in Granger, Texas. Joining the UT faculty in 1963, he
    taught and directed plays for young audiences for over fifty years. He discovered his passion for theatre and story-telling as a youth: hearing bedtime stories from his father about Cowboy Slim Jim; seeing traveling tent shows in the summer in Taylor,
    Texas; making movies with family members and neighborhood children; seeing a UT production about the Brontes that toured the state to perform in Texas high schools; shooting a film as a senior at Taylor High School and attending touring road shows from
    New York that performed in Congress Avenue theatres in Austin. After earning an associate's degree from Temple Junior College and serving in the US Army Signal Corps, Jennings enrolled as an undergraduate in the Department of Drama at UT in 1955. After
    graduation he worked as a stage manager in several off-Broadway theatres in New York. Deciding to teach in college, he returned to UT to pursue a Master of Fine Arts in directing and years later he was awarded a Doctorate of Education from New York
    University. In 1962, he was invited to join the UT drama faculty where he remained until his retirement in 2018. He served as chairman of the department (now the Department of Theatre and Dance) for twelve years from 1980 to 1992. He directed more than
    20 plays for youth that were either performed on campus or were toured to area elementary schools...





    (synopses of some plays)


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    His site:


    (reader reviews)

    (book covers and photos)


    "...He has directed over 20 productions at UT, as well as productions in Texas and Illinois and spearheaded the successful campaign to require creative drama for all Texas elementary schoolchildren. He is a former president of the Children's Theatre
    Association of America, past editor of the Children's Theatre Review and, in addition to The Honorable Urashima Taro, is co-author with his wife, Lola, of Braille: The Early Life of Louis Braille, Johnny Tremain and a book on creative drama..."

    (16:45 minute tribute video from 3 years ago - btw, the song "Just One Person" is from the musical "Snoopy!")

    (16-second video)

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