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    He lived in Lakeland, Florida. (Not to be confused with the 46-year-old South African cricket player.)

    He played Mr. Peanut in the first two Disney World Parades in 1971. He was also in the 2017 movie The Florida Project, as well as other movies.

    He was a trucker, a martial arts instructor, a playwright, a publisher, an Army veteran, a Christian youth leader in at least two churches, and a columnist for U.S. Veterans Magazine.

    His friends included James Michener and Tom Clancy.

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    "Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Carl wrote his biography of the combat he faced in Viet Nam in a book titled 'The Blue Spaders' in 1992, a book that a retired film producer from the the Chicago Tribune thought would make a good movie. When the screenwriter
    commissioned to write it died suddenly, his friend urged him to write the screenplay. Carl turned to script writing, still authoring some books, and wrote a dozen features and many shorts. In Florida, Carl joined film-makers' groups like Florida Film
    Network & Sunscreen Film Society, where a friend urged him to become an actor. Since then, he has acted in short films, commercials, been a featured extra in at least three major movies, and continues to write books, articles, poems, short stories, and
    family sitcoms. His favorite genre is comedy."

    From Something About the Author, vol. 91, in 1997:

    "...I am probably the only combat war veteran in the country (and maybe others) who considers himself a comedy writer for kids (they don't start wars). All of my writings except the Blue Spaders-Vietnam are family humor and historical novels where the
    kids are the protagonists - the heroes. Kids (of all ages) love to have fun, and so do I...But of all my writings, I would like to be remembered for my work The Sullivans of Little Horsepen Creek..."

    The Blue Spaders-Vietnam, A Private's Account - 1/26th Inf., 1965-1966
    (...was written to explain that not all American GIs were crazy killers who took drugs. There is no cussing, & it's written with a slant on humor. Just the straight eye-witness account from one GI who was REALLY there. "....Battle of the Bong Trang....
    Thousands of tracer rounds criss-crossing the night sky. White phosphorous explosions, 75mm rockets, Claymore Mines, Bandalore Torpedoes, & plenty of grenades. Then came the U.S. air strikes, & we really had trouble." )

    U-Turn USA (the Wendells Family), 1992

    Getting in Shape With Wendell and Myrtle, 1994

    Warm Up for a Revolution (The Sullivans of Little Horsepen Creek), 1996
    "The Sullivans live near the small wilderness hamlet of Guilford Village on the Little Horsepen Creek, a Christian family who strives to stay neutral at the start of the notorious Regulator Era, but get drawn into it over crooked dealings of local
    politicians, and Parliaments changing attitude toward all Americans. When Daniel and Rebecca Boone visit with their son, Jamie, things liven up with a brawling free-for-all in the snow. After the parents are killed in the summer of 1765, the story
    follows the four older children who get thrown into the rising turbulence of the times and ride into trouble."

    Tecumseh's Trail: The Appalachian Trail, Then and Now, 1996

    The 10th Ward Gang: The Summer of '53: A Christian Teen Novel, 2008
    ("This is not a preachy kind of tale about faith; it’s about a teenage couple living in a rough inner-city ghetto who find Jesus Christ as Lord through dance. Greasers with moral values in the summer of 1953 in an era when street fights were
    commonplace, Rose and Dean are cool as they try to survive a dangerous neighborhood. Dean is gang leader of the younger 10th Ward kids who fight with zip guns, switchblades, Garrison belts, and chains when he has to. Rose fights, too, but looks for a
    better life. These teens offer nice role models as junior high schoolers in love, despite the adversity in struggling with rival gangs, police harassment, racial tensions, and messing around in a railroad yard beside the state penitentiary as one of
    their hangouts.")

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