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    An architect, he lived in Willoughby, Australia (or Maroubra or Ryde) and died in Sydney.

    Not to be confused with the 70-year-old American diplomatic historian.

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    From Contemporary Authors:

    "From ages two through nine I lived in a very small house on Tent Road. But it didn't matter that our house was small, we only went inside to eat meals or to sleep. The rest of the time we roamed free under the sky. We had a huge back yard with a
    vegetable garden, poultry, and a cow. After our yard there was a seemingly, endless paddock and occasionally we--my brother, two sisters and I--would visit what we called `the far corner.'

    "Television came late to our town and to me. Not counting the times I watched it through a shop window, I was eighteen before I saw it regularly. I was partly educated by listening to the radio. I loved to listen to British comedy. Such shows as `Much-
    Binding-in-the-Marsh,' `Take it from Here,' and the `Goon Show' were my teachers and refined my love of humour. My literary heroes are Antoine de Saint-Exupery (The Little Prince and Wind, Sand, and Stars), J. D. Salinger (especially Franny and Zooey),
    and Garrison Keillor, especially his radio show Prairie Home Companion. I didn't start to write until age forty-six, but I am grateful to have begun and to have sent some ideas out into the world on the backs of a herd of hippopotamuses."

    Ten Little Known Facts About Hippopotamuses And More Little Known Facts And A Few Fibs About Other Animals
    Illustrated by David Francis & Donna Rawlins

    Q. You are heading towards an intersection with no traffic lights, when you see a hippopotamus about to cross your path. Who has the right-of-way - the hippopotamus, or you?

    Q. You arrive home from the supermarket to find an echidna in your shopping. It's the third time this has happened in a month. Why is it happening? What can you do?

    Or what if you are casually relaxing on the grass when an elephant plants its foot right by your head? Don't panic! Here are some of the answers you'll need to help you avoid some of life's more perplexing little scrapes.

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    (includes the SLJ review)


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