• Happy 80th, Myra H. Immell! (YA history writer)

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    Born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, she now lives in Dublin, Ohio.

    From Contemporary Authors:

    "...In the late 1960s my husband and I moved to his home state of Ohio, where I ended up getting a job in educational publishing. Once again, writing reared its head. I became an editor--in two languages. I soon discovered that in that particular
    publishing arena at the grade levels on which I focused, the manuscript sent in by the `author' often bore little or no resemblance to the final product that resided in our sons' and daughters' school desks or lockers. More often than not, the real
    author was the underpaid editor whose name never even appeared on the credits page and who never saw a cent of royalties. One day, I promised myself, I would actually be credited as author on a book that I wrote.

    "Not until the 1990s did that promise to myself become a reality. I wrote two nonfiction books for young people. History is my avocation, and in history I have found a multitude of living, breathing individuals and fascinating `stories' to tell young and
    old about. What happened yesterday is as much history as what happened years or centuries ago. On the other hand, the people of Richard Plantagenet's times were as individualistic and vibrant and three-dimensional as this week's movie or rock stars. I
    want others to share my enthusiasms and acknowledge why we are what we are today and what helps us be who we are..."

    (book covers)

    (a few reader reviews - for some reason, her middle initial is wrong)


    (Editor) Marion Sader, consulting editor, The Young Adult Reader's Adviser, Bowker, 1992.
    Automobiles: Connecting People and Places, Lucent Books (San Diego, CA), 1994. Tecumseh, Lucent Books, 1996.
    (Editor) Readings on the Diary of a Young Girl, Greenhaven Press, 1998. (Editor) Eating Disorders, Greenhaven Press, 1999.

    (Editor) The 1900s, Greenhaven Press, 2000.
    (Editor) Ethnic Violence, Greenhaven Press, 2000.
    (Editor) Teen Pregnancy, Greenhaven Press, 2001.
    (Editor) World War II, Greenhaven Press, 2001.
    (Editor) Teens and Sex, Greenhaven Press, 2002.
    (Editor) The World Wars, Greenhaven Press, 2002.
    (Editor) The Han Dynasty, Lucent, 2003.
    Homeschooling, 2009;

    Homeland Security, 2010;
    The Dissolution of the Soviet Union, 2010;
    The Cuban Missile Crisis, 2010;
    The Creation of the State of Israel, 2010;
    Israel, 2010;
    The McCarthy Era, 2011;
    The Korean War, 2011;
    D-Day, 2012;
    (with F. Chalk) Uganda, 2013;
    The Cuban Revolution, 2013;
    Genocide and persecution: South Africa, 2014;
    Japan's 2011 Natural Disasters and Nuclear Meltdown, 2014.


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