• R.I.P. Jenny Overton, 75, in Dec. 2017 (British author: The Thirteen Da

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    She lived in Guildford, Surrey.

    Not to be confused with the younger Australian writer - or the older, late writer.

    (tiny death notice)

    From Contemporary Authors:

    Cambridge University, Newnham College, Cambridge, England, appeals secretary, 1965-66, principal's private secretary, 1966-67; Aluminium Federation, London, England, assistant editor, 1967-69; Macmillan & Co., London, England, book editor, 1970-71;
    Lutterworth Press, Guildford, Surrey, England, children's book editor, 1971-84; freelance editor, 1984--.

    "With relatively few titles, Jenny Overton has established a reputation as a respected author of children's books. Her books depict the many aspects of her domestic settings and include a wide range of age-related experiences, from mid-childhood to young
    adulthood. Peter Hollindale of Twentieth-Century Children's Writers noted that all of Overton's books feature the wonder and communal delight of music, a playful but meaningful concern with religion, and a sense of cycles in both seasonal landscapes and
    social rituals...

    "Creed Country and The Nightwatch Winter are more complex and serious stories. Overton uses humor to counterbalance emotional tension. In Creed Country, Sarah's first emotional involvement brings about jeering and mockery by other family members. The
    book shows how adolescents find humor in the personal lives of others, which often causes embarrassment and hurt feelings for the one who is being teased."

    (book covers - they can all be enlarged)

    (more book covers - there are five editions of The Thirteen Days of Christmas)

    (booklet about illustrator W. Heath Robinson)

    (reader reviews - one book is by another, older Jenny Overton)

    (review of The Thirteen Days of Christmas)


    Creed Country, Faber, 1969, Macmillan, 1970.
    ("Stephen Carey was an only child, and he kept most things to himself. Sarah Wentworth was one of eight, and in a family of that size it is difficult to keep anything to oneself. Stephen could not have explained quite why it was that he found himself
    telling her about the Creed papers.")

    The Thirteen Days of Christmas, Faber, 1972, Thomas Nelson, 1974, Oxford University Press, 2002.
    ("Features a story of how three of the Kitson children help the wealthy merchant woo their older sister Annaple with a different gift for each of the twelve days of Christmas. But as the house groans at the seams with partridges, calling birds, swans,
    maids-a-milking, and more, will Annaple really succumb to the romance of it all?")

    The Nightwatch Winter, Faber, 1973.
    (From Overton's goddaughter: "In this book, the Wentworth children spend their time roaming ancient ditches ("dikes") in seaside countryside in Surrey, exploring the local old church and discovering ancient hideaways. Their adventures are mostly gentle,
    but they encounter real peril and the story easily carries the reader along.")

    The Ship from Simnel Street, Greenwillow Books (New York City), 1986.
    ("A London baker's daughter runs off to Lisbon to search for her sweetheart who is fighting in the Peninsular War, leaving behind a distraught family that concocts a colossal scheme to demonstrate their support of her action." "While her father searches
    Portugal for her, her mother decides to send an enormous delivery of cakes to the regiment.")

    (With Joan Munt) A Suffragette Nest: Peaslake, 1910 and After, Hazeltree Publishing (Abinger Hammer, United Kingdom), 1998.


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    (review of Creed Country)

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