• R.I.P. Xudoyberdi To'xtaboyev, 88, Uzbek writer

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    He died yesterday.

    There are multiple YouTube videos of him - but none in English, I suspect.

    (includes photos)

    Born December 17, 1933 Fergana Uzbekistan (1933-12-17)
    Occupation Playwright,academic writer, and writer of children, literary translator
    Notable awards "A Magic Hat", "Hasty", "Young Guard" (1991) Order of Independence (1994)
    Xudoyberdi To'xtaboyev is an Uzbek writer of children's stories.

    To'xtaboyev was born in the Uzbekistan district in the Fergana region in 1933. After he had finished primary and secondary schools, he studied at the Department of Philogy in the Central Asia University from 1950 till 1955. He worked for a time as a
    journalist, at Uzbekistan newspapers: Tashkent haqiqati (The Truth of Tashkent) and Qizil O’zbekiston (Red Uzbekistan) and he was the editor of the monthly magazine Guliston. In 1972-1977, he worked as a chief editor at Yosh Gvardiya (Young Guard)
    publishing house, and as the assistant to the chief editor at Shark Yulduzi (Western Star) newspaper. In these days, he also worked as leader of editing at Yosh Kuch (Young Strength) newspaper.

    To'xtaboyev began his career as a children's writer in 1958. He created the selection of stories Shoshqoloq (Hasty) in 1962, followed by other collections: Yosh Gvardiya (Young Guard), Sir Ochildi (The Secret Revealed), and Sehrli Qolpoqcha (A Magic Hat)
    (1965). To'xtaboyev's writing was popular throughout Uzbekistan, and many children read his books as part of their school studies.

    To'xtaboyev worked at the Kamalak publishing house as an editor, and then a lead editor. In 1960-1970, his most read books were translated into other languages.

    To'xtaboyev is famous for his humorous novels. His books touch on themes including honesty in adults, love, loyalty, and kindness. His stories include: Sarik devni minib (Riding a Yellow Giant) (1969) and Sarik devning o'limi (Death of the Yellow Giant) (
    1973) Other works include Besh Bolali Yigitcha (Parent of 5 Children), Qasoskorning oltin boshi (The Golden Head of the Avenger), and Yillar and Yo'llar (Ways and Years) in 1983, and Sehrgarlar jangi (The Battle of Magicians). For his contribution to
    literature, To'xtaboyev won the Khamza Prize and “The National Writer of Uzbekistan” in 1991 when Uzbekistan gained its independence.

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