• Happy 80th, Hannu Taina! (Finnish illustrator & HCAA nominee)

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    He's also been nominated for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, but I can't find the date.

    (Some book covers)

    Some books in English (by different authors):

    Mister King, 1987.
    "A little white-bearded King has everything apart from subjects, until a cat arrives. And then people move in into his Kingdom he becomes Mr. King with plenty of friends."

    The Curious Faun, 1990.
    "The people of the world, angry at the fauns of the forest because of their carefree revels, chase them up into the mountains; years later, one young faun returns to spy on the people to find out why they have no joy."

    Jeb's Barn 1995.
    "At a different time each day Jeb's neighbors finish a different part of the barn they are helping him build."

    Little Tomte's Christmas Wish, 2013.
    "Little Tomte lives happily in his cosy house beside a beautiful tree. When winter arrives, he's worried that Christmas won't come. So he makes a special Christmas wish and embarks on a candle-making plan which will help make his wish come true."


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    (reader reviews - some are in English)

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    He was nominated for the Hans Christian Andersen Award in 1990.

    Starting in 1992, he wrote at least three books - about the character Matti.

    (in Finnish)

    (in English)


    (10 illustrations)



    "He's perhaps best known for illustrating 22 children's books for the writer Elina Karjalainen's series Uppo-Nalle ("the sunken bear") from 1977 to 2004, about a teddy bear first found adrift at sea. After Karjalainen passed away in 2006, Taina entirely
    redid in color the black-and-white illustrations for the first book."

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