• R.I.P. Kaoru Ono, 90, in Oct. 2020 (Japanese illustrator)

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    Not to be confused with the mathematician or the writer on Japanese military history. (Both are much younger - and male.)

    She lived in Tokyo. She was on the IBBY Honor List in 2000 and designed the 1995 poster for International Children's Book Day. (IBBY presents the Hans Christian Andersen Awards.)

    I never found her exact birthdate from 1930 or an obituary, but WorldCat claims she died last year, and here's a little more info (it lists Oct. 16):


    If anyone can find a more formal notice or obit, please let me know.

    (a few illustrations)

    One of her books is "Sushi for Kids: A Children's Introduction to
    Japan's Favorite Food." Another is "Five Little Fingers." ("Five
    fingers separate but soon learn they need to work together as a

    Here's the cover of The Bee and the Dream, written by Jan Freeman Long: http://images.amazon.com/images/P/0525452877.01._SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg

    "This quietly charged retelling of a Japanese folktale builds on a
    tantalizing premise, that dreams do not always belong to their
    dreamers. As hardworking peasants Shin and Tasuke rest on a hillside,
    fidgety Shin watches his friend nap and is shocked to see a bee fly
    out of his nose. Shin's amazement at this odd occurrence recedes when
    he hears Tasuke's marvelous dream of a jar of gold buried in a certain
    faraway garden. Unable to convince Tasuke of the dream's significance,
    Shin offers to buy it. Then he embarks on the perilous journey to the
    garden, where a greedy aristocrat beats him to the jar and lets loose
    its contents - a swarm of bees. When the dejected Shin returns home,
    his exultant wife tells him of "angry bees" that flew through the
    house and left in their wake a drift of treasures."

    From jbby.org:

    "Kaoru Ono was born in Tokyo in 1930 and graduated from the Tokyo
    College of Fine Arts, where she studied oil painting. She started her
    career as a picture book artist in 1950 and has published more than
    100 titles. She uses a variety of techniques to suit the texts she
    illustrates. Her award-winning books Onrokku ga Yattekuru (Come-on
    Onrock!, 1961) and Mafa no Hataori Uta (Magic rhythms of Mafa, the
    weaver, 1988) are great favourites among young children. Some of her
    works have been published abroad, e.g. Les Ponts (The bridges, 1992)
    in France and Five Little Fingers (1964) in theUSA. Besides picture
    books she is engaged in creating sculpture and monumental objects. She
    is a professor emerita of the Tokyo College of Fine Arts."


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    (her name may be in here somewhere)

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