• Happy (late) 90th, Ruth Rocha! (Brazilian author & HCAA nominee)

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    Her birthday was on March 2nd. There are many tributes in Portuguese.

    She was nominated for the Hans Christian Andersen Award in 2002.

    Two books of hers available in English are "Children's Declaration of
    Human Rights," 1989, and "Blue and Beautiful: Planet Earth, Our Home,"
    1990, with Otavio Roth.

    (I also see that she's worked on Portuguese editions of "Tom Sawyer,"
    "Romeo and Juliet," "The Iliad," and "The Odyssey," but it's not clear
    whether she did any of the translating.)

    (partial bibliography, in Portuguese)

    (review of "Lines, Squiggles, Letters, Words" - translated in 2016)

    About that book:

    "A child who has not yet learned how to read looks out at the world and sees language as such a child would: as lines and squiggles that don't exactly make pictures but don't seem to make anything else either. Then, when the child starts to go to school
    and begins to learn his letters, his way of seeing begins to change."

    "Ruth Rocha is Brazil's most popular children's book author. Her first book was published in 1976. She has more than 130 published titles and has been translated into over twenty-five languages."

    (reader reviews)

    About her best known picture book, "Marcelo, marmelo, martelo":

    "É o caso de um de seus maiores sucessos, Marcelo, Marmelo, Martelo,
    sobre o garoto que questiona os nomes dados aos objetos: por que
    cadeira se chama cadeira? E por que ele não pode se chamar marmelo ou
    mesmo martelo? Os censores da época não perceberam embutida uma
    genial crítica à falta de liberdade."

    "This is the case of one of her greatest successes, Marcelo, Quince,
    Hammer, about a boy who questions the names given to objects: a chair
    that is named chair? And why it can not be called quince or hammer?The
    censors did not realize at the time built a brilliant critique of the
    lack of freedom."

    (photos, covers)



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