• Happy 90th, Janosch! (German illustrator & 4-time HCAA nominee)

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    He was nominated for the Hans Christian Andersen Award for Illustration in 1972, 1976, 1978, and 1980.

    (reader reviews)

    https://www.dw.com/en/cult-childrens-author-janosch-turns-90/a-19108267 (birthday tribute - in English)


    ...Janosch worked as a freelance artist and soon discovered that he also had a knack for writing stories. His first children's book, Die Geschichte von Valek dem Pferd (The Story of Valek the Horse), was published in 1960.

    He is best known, however, for his touching 1978 tale of two friends who set off to find the land of their dreams in Panama. The Trip to Panama won him the German Children's Literature Award in 1979.

    Janosch's work is extensive — he has written and illustrated more than 300 books, which have been translated into 40 languages. Children and adults alike enjoy his lovingly drawn watercolors, and the warm-hearted, simple humor. His characters —
    Little Bear, Little Tiger, Tiger Duck and the rest — do silly things, sometimes even lying or looking out for their own interests, but in the end friendship always wins....



    "Janosch (real name Horst Eckert) is one of the best-known German
    artists and children`s book authors. He was born in Hindenburg (now
    Zabrze, Poland)...By 1980 he had had published over 100 books for
    children in nearly 30 languages. By then he had left Germany and now
    lives now on the island of Tenerife in the Atlantic Ocean."

    One American book, translated into German, that he illustrated is "Die
    Maus auf dem Motorrad" (Beverly Cleary's "The Mouse and the



    http://www.google.com/search?q=janosch&tbo=p&tbm=vid&source=vgc&hl=en&aq=f (some videos)

    (short interview in German)

    Excerpts from "Contemporary Authors":

    "A chance conversation gave him the idea to write a children's book,
    but he had no success until he wrote his seventh book, which sold
    ninety thousand copies."

    Awards: Hans Christian Andersen highly commended illustrator, German
    Federal Republic, 1972; German Children's Book Prize Honor List.

    The Magic Auto, Crown, 1971
    The Yellow Auto Named Ferdinand, Carolrhoda, 1973
    Just One Apple, Walck, 1966.
    Tonight at Nine, Walck, 1967.
    Has Anyone Seen Paul? Who Will Be He?: A Story and Counting Rhymes,
    Dobson, 1969
    Joshua and the Magic Fiddle, World Publishing, 1968.
    Mr. Wuzzle, Longman, 1969
    Luke Caraway: Master Magician or Indian Chief, Andersen, 1977
    Bollerbam, Walck, 1969
    Oh Dear, Snowman!, Dobson, 1972.
    The Thieves and the Raven, (translation by Elizabeth Shub) Macmillan,
    Leon the Magic Flea; or, The Lion Hunt in Upper Fimmel,
    Abelard-Schuman, 1974.
    The Crocodile Who Wouldn't Be King, Putnam, 1971.
    Not Quite as Grimm, (translation by Patricia Crampton) Abelard-
    Schuman, 1974.
    One-Eye, Ginger, and Lefty, Dobson, 1972.
    I Am a Great Big Hairy Bear, Dobson, 1973.
    Tales of the Lying Nutcracker, Abelard-Schuman, 1973.
    Time for Bed, Dobson, 1973.
    Zampano's Performing Bear, Dobson, 1976.
    The Trip to Panama, Andersen, 1978, Little, Brown, 1981.
    The Big Janosch Book of Fun and Verse, Andersen, 1980.
    Crafty Caspar and His Good Old Granny, Dobson, 1979.
    Hey Presto! You're a Bear!, Little, Brown, 1980.
    The Rain Car, translation from the German by J. Dobson, Dobson, 1978.
    The Treasure-Hunting Trip, translation from the German by A. Bell,
    Andersen, 1980.
    A Letter for Tiger, Andersen, 1981.
    Animal Antics, in Words and Pictures, Andersen Press, 1982.
    See You in the Morning!, translation from the German by A. Bell,
    Methuen, 1983.
    The Higher and Higher House, translation from the German by A. Bell,
    Methuen, 1984.
    The Cricket and the Mole, Bradbury Press, 1987.
    "I'll Make You Well, Tiger," Said the Bear, 1985, also published in
    England as Little Tiger, Get Well Soon!, Andersen, 1986.
    The Old Man and the Bear, Bradbury Press, 1987,

    Also author and illustrator of numerous other children's books,
    including Ich male einen Bauernhof, Parabel, The Curious Tale of Hare
    and Hedgehog, 1988, Hello, Little Pig, 1988, and The Little Hare Book,

    Mischa Damjan (pseudonym), Filipo und sein Wunderpinsel, Nord- Sued,
    1967, translation published as The Magic Paintbrush, Walck, 1967.
    Jozef Wilkon, Die Loewenkinder, Middelhauve, 1968.
    Hans-Joachim Gelberg, Die Stadt der Kinder, Bitter, 1969.
    Jack Prelutsky, Lazy Blackbird, and Other Verses, Macmillan, 1969.
    Hans Baumann, Der wunderbare Ball Kadalupp, Betz, 1969, translation
    published as Gatalop the Wonderful Ball, Walck, 1971.
    Herbert Heckmann, Geschicten vom Loeffelchen, Middelhauve, 1970.
    Beverly Cleary, Die Maus auf dem Motorrad, Union, 1972.
    B. Cleary, Mauserich Ralf Haut ab, Union, 1972.
    Walter D. Edmonds, Das Mausehaus, Loewes, 1972.
    Paul Maar, Kikerikiste, Deutscher Taschenbuch, 1973.
    Anne K. Rose, How Does a Czar Eat Potatoes?, Lothrop, 1973.
    Yuri Koval, A Pig in a Poke, translation from the Russian,
    Abelard-Schuman, 1975.
    James Kruss, Der Kleine Flax, Oetinger, 1975.
    Bombo, Parabel, 1978.
    Bombo kann alles, Parabel, 1978.
    Wasja kauft den Hund im Sack, Thienemann, 1978.
    Der Weihnachtsstern, Oetinger, 1978.
    Kaese Kaese, Mosaik, 1978.
    Christine Noestlinger, Einer, Beltz & Gelberg, 1980.
    Herbert Rosendorfer, Die Herberge zum irdischen Paradies: ein
    Plaeydoyer fuer das unsterbliche Wirtschaus, Etcetera, 1982.

    "Also illustrator of Bonko, by H. Baumann, 1972, Yosi ve-khinor
    ha-kesamim, by Tzvi Rozen, 1972, and Die lustigen Abenteur des Kasperl larifari, by Franz-Graf von Pocci, 1972. An exhibition catalog of
    Janosch's illustrations entitled Janosch: Gemalde and Grafik was
    published by Merlin, 1980."


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