• Happy 90th, Mort Gerberg! (Cartoonist: Rita Gelman's "More Spaghetti, I

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    He lives in NYC.

    (tiny birthday tribute)

    There are seven online interviews, over several years.

    (partial booklist)

    A partial list of his children's books (some are clearly not


    Other than the above, his juvenile titles, pre-1990, include "Bear-Ly
    Bear-Able Bear Jokes, Riddles, and Knock-Knocks," "The Biggest
    Sandwich Ever" (Gelman), "Mr. Skinner's Skinny House" (Ann McGovern),
    "Ghostly Giggles" (McGovern), "Riddle Rat" (Donald Hall), "Stepmothers
    Try Harder" (Gelman), "Leave it to Minnie" (Gelman), and "Murf the
    Monster" (Nora Logan).

    (biography and more)


    "Mort Gerberg is a cartoonist and author best known for his magazine
    cartoons, which have appeared regularly in numerous publications such
    as The New Yorker, Playboy, Harvard Business Review, Publishers Weekly
    and online on Huffington Post .

    "He was voted as Best Magazine Cartoonist of 2008 by the National
    Cartoonists Society, the international organization for professional cartoonists, an award he also won for 2007. He has drawn several nationally-syndicated newspaper comic strips and has written, edited
    and/​or illustrated 40 books for adults and children.

    "He is the author of the recent The All-Jewish Cartoon Collection and
    the editor of LAST LAUGHS: Cartoons About Aging. Retirement...and the
    Great Beyond, an original hardcover collection published by Scribner.
    He is also the author of Cartooning: The Art and the Business, which
    has been the leading instructional/​reference work in the field for 26
    years. Among his other popular books are Joy in Mudville: The Big Book
    of Baseball Humor, and the best-selling (two-and-a half million
    copies) More Spaghetti, I Say.

    "Mr. Gerberg has written, drawn and performed on television news shows
    and appeared in the Shari Lewis home video Lamb Chop in The Land of No
    Manners. Mr. Gerberg taught cartooning at New York City's Parsons
    School of Design, including an online class through the New School
    Distance Learning Program."


    From Wikipedia:

    "He lives in New York City with his wife, Judith Gerberg, plays second
    base for The New Yorker softball team, and is an avid Huffington Post

    "His comic strip Koky (co-created and written by Richard O'Brien) was syndicated from 1979 to 1981 by the Chicago Tribune-New York News

    (political cartoons)

    I have "Right On, Sister! Women's Lib in Cartoon & Rhyme" (1971).

    (quite a lot of videos)

    (photos and covers)


    His latest book is called “Last Laughs” about collection of 131
    cartoons on aging. Best gag: St. Peter is talking to a man at the
    pearly gates: “You have more money than God. That’s a big no.”



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