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    Are there any experience in planting a bonsai in Seramis Granulate?


    Seramis is more or less the same as other calcined (baked) clay products succh as Biosorb, Terragreen, etc. It is very free draining but each
    granule holds an enormous amount of water. I know someone in Athens,
    Greece, who uses pure Seramis and swears by it - even in their summer heat. The ony problems I could foresee would be the cost (if you have several
    large trees) and the fact that the very loose structure could make the trees unstable in their pots.

    Someone suggested mixing it with John Innes 2 compost... This is known as
    the Death Mix! JI is little more than ordinary garden mud, and it sets
    solid in bonsai pots. Trees may live for a few years in it, but they will never thrive.

    Colin Lewis

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    Hi! Just found this. I'm Rob Macnair www.bonsai-dubai.com I've used Seramis for 16 years in it's pure form i.e. Mu trees are all potted into 100% Seramis....feeding every 2 weeks with 12-17-17. It retains 90% of it's mass as water....the roots draw
    water when they need it. I swear by it and all our customers switch to it. I've added this comment as a lot of 'bonsai people' disregard it...without giving it a try :)

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