• ISO of rare paperbacks from the 1980s-one other book was from late 1960

    From Mike Shields@21:1/5 to All on Sun Jan 3 04:10:30 2016
    I'm looking for a few books, and my memory is rather vague on titles. The books were paperbacks

    In the 80s, there was a collection of books that were titled such as Generic Murder Mystery, Generic Sci-Fi, etc. The books were designed with generic packaging with white covers with black print. The only place I could find them were at local 7-11's. I
    never got around to buying them, but would love to have them now.

    I believe Harlequin romance novels tried to start up a murder mystery genre. (At least I hope they did) One book was set in Hollywood during the thirties. It was a murder mystery about a Shirley Temple- like child actress who was murdered. "Just because
    you didn't like her last movie, doesn't mean you had to kill her." was the tag-line. I would like to know the title as well as buy the book.

    The third book may have been published in the late 1960s. Title would be called The Others and other prize winning science fiction short stories of the year, or something like that. Book featured Lizard aliens on the cover. One of the stores was how the
    dogs could see the aliens who were knocking over garbage cans looking for something to eat. Any help? Thanks in Advance

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