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    We list 13 lots on this auction starting today.

    This includes a selection documents relating to the settler Benjamin
    Moodie, a full set of the Rhodesiana Reprint Library Gold Series, a
    copy of the 2-volume MINERAL DEPOSITS OF SOUTH AFRICA, and a range of
    other items including an early Collins Cleartype edition of the
    Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.

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    week later on Thursday 17th October at 16.30 GMT (in both cases
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    We have the following lots on offer:


    Lot 314
    #27212 Books of Rhodesia RHODESIANA REPRINT LIBRARY
    Gold Series. Volumes 1 to 36 inclusive
    Every volume in this set is the 1st edition of the Gold Series, no

    An excellent set. Generally no inscriptions or bookplates, each in
    matching dustwrapper. Most items in at least VG condition with matching dustwrapper but a few dustwrappers below par.

    Lot 316
    Film Programme.
    Published: Vaughan Films Ltd, London, 1971.
    Stapled wraps. 16pp illustrated.
    VG condition.

    Directed by Paul Morrissey the film was billed as 'A Day In The Life Of
    A Hustler'. Originally banned in 1970 the film was given an 'X'
    certificate the following year. A very scarce item.

    Lot 335
    #27158 Paul M. Moorcraft. CONTACT II
    Published: Sygma, Johannesburg, 1981. 1st edition
    Gilt device on olive green boards. 208pp illustrated large format.
    No inscriptions, minor shelfwear, else VG condition in dustwrapper (no
    chips, loss, or tears). Excellent table and shelf appearance.

    This follows from the original 'Contact' volume and aims to be a
    pictorial review of what the war meant to combatants on both sides in
    the new Zimbabwe.

    Lot 336
    #27187 Anitra Nettleton NIGERIAN ART.
    Selected Pieces From The Meneghelli Collection. Totem Galleries, 2002
    255pp softcover illustrated 4to.
    Wraps are lightly rubbed, contents unmarked, thus a near-Fine copy.

    Catalogue of an exhibition held at the Standard Bank Gallery assembled
    and organised by the University of the Witwatersrand. Essays by Anitra Nettleton, Omotoso Eluyemi, Paula Girshick Ben Amos, Babatunde Lawal,
    Herbert M. Cole. The Meneghelli collection is the largest collection of historical art in Southern Africa in terms of the diversity of the
    cultures which it embraces and the number of items in its collection.
    The pieces on the exhibition were a selection from the Nigerian
    artworks in the collection.

    Lot 337
    #27250 Louise Reid-Henry COMMEMORATIVE PRINTS. (David Reid Henry)
    Introduction And Sketch Notes By Louise Reid Henry.
    Frank Read Press, Mazoe, 1979 1st edition
    Frontis portrait of artist. Full set of 6 prints, each in folder 550mm
    x 425mm in original blue 'solander' box.
    Fine condition in VG+ 'solander' box. A most attractive item.

    Set No.70 of 250 only. These lithographic prints, by Frank Read Press
    of then Mazoe, Rhodesia, were produced by a mixture of photo and hand lithography. The prints illustrate the following birds: the Trumpeter
    Hornbill, the Ceylon Blue Magpie, the Fish Eagle, the Crested Barbet,
    the Iceland Gyrfalcon, and Epping Forest.

    Lot 353
    #27069 Mike Fisher PHILANDROS
    Alternative Books, Cape Town, 1984 1st edition
    Black cloth boards. pp unnumbered. illustrated.
    No inscriptions. VG condition in lesser dustwrapper

    1500 unnumbered copies privately printed, "not available to the general
    trade". Male nude photographs. Contains original promotional leaflet.

    Lot 388
    #27303 Alfred Milner (Signed). QUITRENT LAND GRANT
    Autograph Document dd. 1898 under the stamp of the 'Cape Of Good Hope
    Stamp Act 1894' with survey map dd. 1823.

    Document 4pp. Sheet folded once to size of 470mm x 300mm. Written first
    side only. The top of the page has a blue 'Stamp Act' stamp, and at the
    bottom is the embossed stamp of Victoria Regina.
    Map 470mm x 300mm, inscribed "Groot Valley, Fol.414" which connects the
    map to the document. Probably an 1862 copy by draughtsman T. Risler.
    No tears on folds, document and map both in excellent condition.

    The map was originally surveyed in 1823 by James Swan. This "represents
    ... applied for by Donald and John Wedderburn D (Dunbar) Moodie ...".

    The document, dated 1898 and signed by Alfred Milner as Governor and
    High Commissioner to the Cape Colony, granted on perpetual quitrent the
    farm then 'Groote Valley' in the Division of Alexandria subdivided to a
    party of 7 people. The farm was originally the property of Donald and
    John Wedderburn Dunbar Moodie, and this transferred the land to one
    Elizabeth Smith (born Cannon) (3/4 share), James Cannon (1/4 share),
    and four males of the name Uithalder (1/40 share each).

    Thus we have together an original survey map of the farm "Groote
    Valley" from the time of its purchase by the Moodies, and the official
    "grant on perpetual quitrent" to new owners.

    Lot 393
    #27258 Omar Khayyam. (Tr. Edward Fitzgerald). THE RUBAIYAT OF OMAR
    With Colour Plates And Decorations By Charles Robinson. Introduction by Laurence Housman.
    Collins Clear-Type Press, London, nd.
    Green mottled calf leather boards with luxurious gilt stamped
    decoration of house and garden. 4 tipped-in colour plates. 56pp all
    edges gilt. For age a quite attractive and sound copy.

    With only 56pp this is likely an early copy of the Collins Clear-Type
    editions of this title, probably from the 1920s or earlier.

    Lot 400
    #27263 Benjamin Moodie Autograph Documents
    concerning Grootvaders Bosch
    No dates. The paper is watermarked variously 1838 - 1840.

    A tranche of documents relating to Benjamin Moodie's farm 'Grootvaders
    Bosch' which is situated in the Western Cape inland from the mouth of
    the Brede River. It was intended to sell off lots or even to lay out a
    village, and here we have the writings on the prospects of the area by
    Benjamin Moodie himself. This tranche contains assorted preliminary
    writing, and a final document which gathers everything together in a
    rational manner.

    The farm exists to this day, adjacent to the Groot Vadersbosch Nature
    Reserve (a world heritage site in the Langeberg region).
    Grootvadersbosch Farm itself is in the Heidelberg district, about 250km
    from Cape Town. This farm is one of South Africa's historic treasures.
    The homestead was built in 1735 and 6 generations of the Moodie family
    have lived here since 1818.

    Lot 402
    #22757 Benjamin Moodie Autograph documents

    Three items relating to Benjamin Moodie dealing with the advances that
    he made to members of his party. Essentially lists of names with various
    sums, and places located within the Cape Colony ascribed to them. He
    spent many years trying to recoup much of the money owed to him with
    little success it seemed.

    Lot 403
    #26821 Markham, Plasket, Rivers & Steyn. ALS to Benjamin Moodie dd.
    11th July 1827.
    Colonial Office, Cape Town, 11th July 1827

    The writer (Markham) was probably secretary to Sir Richard Bourke at
    this time. This, on the one sheet, includes a covering letter by
    Markham, a fair copy of a report by Rivers & Steyn and a fair copy of
    the covering letter to same by Plasket. This all concerns a parcel of
    land adjacent to the Breede river for which Benjamin Moodie has
    requested confirmation of a grant to have been made to him by Sir
    Rufane Donkin. The report came after the land was surveyed by the
    Landrost and Heemraden of Swellendam. They approved the transfer with
    some amendments and including some restrictions on use. Benjamin Moodie
    was a settler in the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope in 1817. He was effectively the last Laird of Melsetter and emigrated to the Cape
    Colony to seek his fortunes afresh following the insolvency of the
    estate inherited from his father He was an active citizen, farmer, and businessman of the time, eventually obtaining a seat in the Legislative Assembly of the Colony.

    Lot 405
    #27264 Geo. Eaton ALS to Benjamin Moodie dd. 9th January 1824
    Confirms details of purchase of the farm 'Klein Riet Boom River'
    9th January 1824

    ... as agent for R.C. Carter Esquire I have purchased from Benjamin
    Moodie Esquire the place formerly known as "Klein Riet Boom River" ...

    This would have been a fair copy of the original made for Benjamin
    Moodie and is in a very neat legible hand.

    Lot 439
    #27155 C.R. Anhaeusser & S. Maske. (Eds).MINERAL DEPOSITS OF SOUTHERN
    AFRICA. Volumes 1 & 2. Standard edition.
    Geological Society of South Africa, Johannesburg 1986 1st edition
    Generally VG+ condition in G-VG dustwrappers

    Volume 1 contains 79 papers, including descriptions of Archaean gold,
    nickel, antimony, and chruysotile asbestos deposits, the auriferous quartz-pebble conglomerate deposits of the Witwatersrand goldfields,
    and the iron, manganese, asbestos, fluorspar, and zinc-lead deposits of
    the early Proterozoic Transvaal Sequence.
    Volume 2 contains 100 papers, including descriptions of platinum,
    chrome, vanadium, tin, and fluorspar deposits associated with
    metamorphic mobile belts, including the Limpopo and Damara orogens and
    the Namaqualand Metamorphic Complex. The final 40 papers in the volume
    deal with Phanerozoic to Recent deposits, including all the major
    coalfields, and deposits associated with carbonatites and kimberlites.


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