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    Bob Jackson, the Consumer Champion, is a hero in Denver. Taking on dishonest contractors and businessmen, he is on a mission to protect unsuspecting consumers. His listeners love him, and shady contractors hate him. His fortune and fame have grown over
    the years and are now at dizzying heights.

    But things take a downward turn when contractors and business owners Bob has tangled with start to die. The murders—each one more gruesome than the last—are committed by a duo who leave almost no evidence for the police to go on. To further stymie
    and taunt the police the killers leave notes behind, calling themselves the Revengers. They tell the police and the public that the killings won’t stop until Denver is rid of all sleazy businessmen.

    As the victims pile up, Jake Stein, the lead homicide investigator will have to move fast before panic sets in. Driven by the hungry press and a voracious social media, the public begins to turn on Bob. Has he, as the public suspects, gone off the deep
    end and turned to murder to rid Denver of what he calls “scumbags”?

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