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    I'm interested in buying some copies of OAHSPE. Please e-mail wbrooks@indirect.com with any offers.

    Thank you.

    This book, Oahspe, is a dangerous mind control cult, and this book, and its followers have destroyed the lives of many, many people. This group is famous for endless real estate scams, money scams, and actual deaths of infant children in Arboles,
    Colorado, and Placentia, California.

    This book breeds complete INTOLLERANCE, for everyone who is not a follower of this MIND CONTROL CULT. It teaches hatred for the Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindu, Buddhists, doctors, lawyers, organized democracy, free speech, and freedom of religion.

    Many UFO/Doomsday cults have been based on this SICK BOOK, and many people have been harmed physically and psychologically by association with these Oahspe Bible Religious Cults. These cults have destroyed many marriages, destroyed family relationships,
    ruined many careers, and caused people to just walk away from their family and children, to go live in a cult commune waiting for the end of the world.

    Now, with the internet, these FANATICS, are RANTING AND RAVING about this and that quotation from Oahspe that they repeat like a PARROT. It is like listening to a ROBOT read Chinese. They all seem like brainwashed ZOMBIES, who have no idea what they
    are saying.

    One simple truth is certain. These OAHSPE BIBLE MIND CONTROL CULTS are recruiting new members as you read this, in their YOUTUBE media blitz. They are almost as PROLIFIC as ISIS, the extremist MILITANT ISLAMIC CULT.

    And speaking of ISIS, were you aware that previous Oahspe BIble Cults have required new married male converts to turn their wives to the CULT?
    The Los Angeles Herald, July 14, 1895 issue, investigated a CRAZY OAHSPE BIBLE CULT in Placentia, California. It was well documented that an Oahspe Bible Cult there, was involved in recruiting wealthy land owners in the Placentia, California area, and
    one of the CULT LEADERS confessed to the Herald reporter, that Yes, The cult did require new married men who were joining the CULT, to turn over their wives to the cult for SEXUAL BREEDING PURPOSES.

    It that is not bizarre enough, two cult members were indicted on murder charges in the death of a one year old infant, who was literally starved to death. According to published reports, the infant was raised from birth on PEELED apples. At one years
    old, it was nothing but SKIN and bones.
    The child was placed in FOSTER care, but was so sickly it died shortly after.

    George R. Hinde, and Dr. Louis Schlesinger were indicted on murder charges, but the trial in Orange County, California was later dropped because of the horrible publicity the murder trial was bringing the region.

    George R. Hinde, was also involved in starving his own 18 year old daughter to death, who was not keen on Oahspe, or a vegetarina diet. The father, locked his daughter in her room and gave her bread and water for two years. A coroner’s inquest found
    that, Alice Hinde, the daughter of the cult leader, Geroge R. Hinde, died after a ttwo-yeardiet of bread and water, and was buried in the garden, out the back door, without even a gravestone. Charming. Just goes to show you how they treat their own
    children when they don’t bow down to Oahspe’s Siren Song.

    Another Oahspe Bible Cult, in Arboles, Colorado was also documented in many, many newspapers across the United States. They were involved in the starvation death of 12 infant children in one year.

    This occurred in October, 1906, four miles outside the tiny Colorado town of Arboles, Colorado. Of 13 orphan children awarded to this group, 12 of those children were starved to death in one year. 6 of those deaths occurred in one month. Two Oahspe
    Bible Cult leaders were indicted and sent to jail to await trial in the deaths of these children. George C. Rose and Minnie Wheeler were indicted and stood trial for the deaths of the 12 children.

    There have been many many more Oahspe Bible cults, beside the two listed above. I personally lived in an Oahspe Bible UFO DOOMSDAY Cult for 2 years which was almost identical to HEAVENS GATE. This Cult was Universal Light, and was located only 7.5 miles
    from the Placentia, California cult that starved two children to death. Universal Light was a pyramid scheme of endless recruiting scams, designed to recruit people who had read the Oahspe Bible. The Cult Leader, Mary Lou Brown, AKA, GODDESS OF THE RED
    STAR, used an unending array of MIND CONTROL, and THOUGHT REFORM techniques to recruit and then retain followers. These techniques included: Sleep deprivation, poor diet, cult indoctrination, meditation, singing praises, blah, blah, blah.

    Mary Lou Brown, also claimed to have inherited the entire Mafia fortunes, and promised to give anyone who would come live in this Oahspe Cult, a free Credit Card, which did not have to be paid back. It was all part of a huge recruiting scam involving: a
    CON MAN posing as the assassinated President, John F. Kennedy; a Mysterious Mafia Godfather who left the entire Mafia millions to the Faithist movement.
    As soon as the Mafia Credit Card thing went out on her newsletter, her readership went from under a hundred, to almost 2,000 readers. This cult leader recruited over 15 different cult groups of Oahspe Bible Students from 1970 to 1986. Apparently, Oahspe
    Bible students from around the world would do anything to share in the Mafia inheritance, and they had no problem that the Mafia fortunes were acquired though murder, drug dealing, and human trafficking. It was all just a recruiting scam.

    The long and short of it, this group was waiting for the END OF THE WORLD, a NUCLEAR HOLOCOUST, and JUDGEMENT DAY. Afterwards, all the CHOSEN ONES, would be gathered up in a giant UFO SHIP, which would whisk everyone off to the moon for two years. Very
    similar to Heaven’s Gate.

    And while they were away, a VENGEFUL Jehovah god, would burn the memory of every person left on the planet with a giant RAY OF WHITE LIGHT, which basically will turn everyone into a ZOMBIE.


    Oahspe Bible UFO/Doomsday CULT Survivor
    Woodson Payne.

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