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    "A Man Sent from God: A Biography of Robert E. Speer," by W. Reginald Wheeler.

    If people are complaining about the lack of good Christian role models today, all one has to do is keep in memory some of the best from the past. Robert Speer was such a man and this book gives an excellent testimony towards about him. This is the
    author's twelfth book, or thereabouts, so it's written in an excellent style.

    It has an amazing work ethic section not to be missed. Here is a part of it, giving rules Robert Speer followed:

    Not to be dilatory in commencing the day's main work.
    Not to murmur at multitude of business or shortness of time, but to buy up time all around.
    Not to groan when the letters are brought in; not even a murmur.
    Not to magnify undertaken duties by seeming to suffer under them, but to treat all as liberties and gladnesses.
    Not to call attention to crowded work or petty fatigues, or trivial experiences.
    Before censuring anyone, obtain from God a real love for them. Be sure that you know, and that you allow all allowances which can be made. Otherwise how ineffective, how perhaps unintelligible, or perhaps provocative, your best meant censure may be.
    Oh! how well doth it make for peace to be silent about others, not to believe everything without discernment, and not to go on easily telling things.
    Not to seek praise, gratitude, or respect, or regard from superiors or equals on account of age or past service.
    Not to feel any uneasiness when my advice or opinion is not ask or is set aside.
    Never to let oneself be placed in favorable contrast with another.
    To make no remarks from answers to which self-satisfaction is highest; talking of self; seeming singular; hungering for conversation to turn on oneself.
    To seek no favor, no compassion: to deserve, not ask for tenderness.
    To bear blame rather than share or transmit it.
    To endure often, if one's innocence cannot be established without shame to another.
    When credit for my own design or execution is given to another, not to be disturbed, but to give thanks.

    Publisher: Fleming H. Revell Co. 1956. Hardback. Has a light water stain on the cover's top spine area, not very noticeable, two small name stamps with name crossed out on first blank page, otherwise very good condition. Dust jacket is there but has
    two inch chip missing of it's top spine and one inch off lower.


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