• What happened to the 27th Lancers????

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    Since I've totally neglected following drum corps for the last 10 years
    and just started following everything again this year, I have missed a

    Will someone please educate me on what happened to the 27th Lancers (1984
    to present)? I can't believe that they are gone forever. One of the
    guys I used to march with told me that they (two-seven) had a reunion at
    the Boston Finals in 1994.

    The first year that I saw them was 1982 when they played "Seahawk" for an opener. They were awesome...what happened?? Are they just inactive?

    Thanks for any replies.


    Matt Dillon
    '82-'83 Valley Fever
    '84 Blue Devils

    Although I am not from the 27th Lancers, I watched them for many years and learned many things from them.. A number of them eventually went to other corps and continued the tradition of bringing awe-inspiring shows to a number of other corps, both as
    performers and instructors. It would be nice to see the "bashing" of the different people that may have different opinions of the difference of the actual corps and the alumni corps stop and try to remember the 27th Lancers for what they were and STILL
    ARE even if just in memories. Memories that can never be replaced OR stopped as they bring back the pleasantries to possibly millions of people who got the chance to see and/or experience the marching and auditory magnificence of the corps both from the
    Junior Corps AND the Alumni corps.

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