• My 10yr old Son Wants to find BD snare from Hershey Parking lot!!!!

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    On Monday, August 16, 2004 at 8:48:06 AM UTC-4, Erica Meyers wrote:
    Hi, my name is Erica. And I am looking for the Blue Devils snare
    drummer that let my son play on his snare drum at the Hershey, PA
    show, in the parking lot. His name is Alan-Michael Meyers. This young
    man was very sweet to take time out on his way back to his bus to let
    my son play on his drum. He told my son he was very impressed with the
    way he played (my son has been playing since he could hold sticks in
    his hands). Not to brag but, anyone that knows my son can attest that
    he can play very well for his age (I am his mom so I have to brag).
    He also gave him the sticks that he used in that nights performance.
    Well, needless to say he treats those sticks as if they were gold,
    especially since he is a huge Devils fan. So the reason why I am
    trying to find him is that my son would like to become pen pals with
    this very kind young man. He has blonde hair. That is all I can tell
    you that stick out about him. Please if anyone knows who this young
    man is please pass this along to him and have him contact me via
    e-mail. I know this would make my little mans lifetime. It was so very
    nice of him to do what he did and I must say it was a breath of fresh
    air to see that generation be so polite and kind to a younger kid.

    Thank you in advance to anyone that can help.

    Erica Meyers

    Hello I'm Looking for a Ms.Erica Myers. This Past summer 2015 in Baltimore,MD Ms.Myers came to our summer band camp and help immensely with Color Guard. We were Located on the South side of Baltimore on Patapsco Ave. Any help with contacting her is
    greatly appreciated.

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