• What year did your corps die??????

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    Holy Rosary Queensmen after 1969 following some treachery by "adults".

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    This is hard to pinpoint.

    Skokie Imperials disbanded in '76 but reappeared in the eighties.

    Guardsmen didn't field a corps in '83 but were around in the nineties.
    *My* Guardsmen were gone, though.

    Terri Dittrich
    NP/Skokie Imperials '71 - '74
    Guardsmen '76 - '78

    I marched in MT Prospect Imperials in 83,then with Shaumberg Guardsmen cadets in 85,We competed against the Jr. scouts Cavy cadets and many others.Also to go to Shaumberger Germany with a sister city program in 85-86?My last year in Drum corp.so far was
    in 87 with 87 Racine Scouts,as lead snare,as I did not return, for my senior year in high school,because i excepted a job,they made me a drum seargent ,I was 16 I wish I had chosen drum corps now ,the job was way less than I would have gotten out of
    Racine Scout drum sergeant.Your name does seem to ring a bell.

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