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    I am trying to reach Stuart Rice. I believe we once knew each other whe we both lived in Greeley, Colorado during the late 1980s. I would love to talk to him, learn where his travels have taken him and how he is doing. Please contact me!


    On Thursday, December 3, 1998 at 12:00:00 AM UTC-8, Stuart E Rice wrote:

    Addressing us over the next three days (due to length of presentation) on
    "A Feasibility Study Of Olympic Drum Corps" will be Stuart Rice.

    Stuart Rice is an author, analyst, and researcher of choreographed
    marching. Throughout his twenty seasons of marching, he has also served
    in a variety of capacities as a high school drum major, choreographer, instructor, and member of both junior high, high school, college, winter guard, and drum and bugle corps marching. Rice has enjoyed professional marching experience in the entertainment (amusement park) and national defense (United States Army) industries. He was awarded grants from Drum Corps International and IBM for Planar Analysis of the DCI World Championships, 1995, 1996. Stuart won "Best Brass Ensemble" with the
    Blue Devils at the DCI 1983 World Championship I &E, served as a
    editorialist on the staff of Drum Corps World tabloid from 1996 to 1998.
    He will be retiring from professional status as a writer for the drum
    corps activity at the end of this year.

    Stuart Rice became the only euphoniumist ever to be honored by the Utah Sympony's "Salute To Youth" program at the age of 16, having studied the instrument only 3 years. Rice was awarded a scholarship to the Juilliard School of Music in 1983, where he attended as a trombone performance
    major (having studied less than two years) before transferring to the University of Utah as a music education major in 1984. There he
    completed his Bachelor of Music Degree with instrumental emphasis in
    1996. He has enjoyed principal and co-principal positions among many
    high school all-state, college, intercollegiate, and national ensembles including the University of Utah Wind Ensemble, the Juilliard
    Philharmonia, and America's Youth in Concert. Rice was a student of
    Larry Zalkind (Utah Symphony), Per Brevig (N.Y. Metropolitan Opera), and
    Gary Ofenloch (Utah Symphony/Boston Pops).

    Collaborations at the University of Utah on Planar Analysis and related studies (1984-1996) include Mr. Ronald Crosby (Resident Scenic Designer Emeritus, Pioneer Memorial Theater), Dr. Steve Roens (Associate
    Professor, Music Theory and Composition/Assistant Dean, College of Fine Arts), and Mr. Scott Hagen (Director, University of Utah "Ute" Marching Band). Further collaborations with live audio/visual media include Mr.
    Gregg Hanson, Director of Bands (In Memoriam Dresden), and Dr. Kenneth Singleton, University of Northern Colorado Director of Bands (...And I
    Await The Resurrection Of The Dead), the latter a project originally conceived by Michael Tilson Thomas, won ovations from U. of U. and UNC
    Wind Ensemble audiences.

    A key figure in the Marching Arts and Sciences, Stuart Rice is
    responsible for some important firsts in the field, including:

    * The first presentation of marching at a nationally recognized academic forum for the sciences (University of California-Irvine/American
    Sociological Association Collective Behavior and Social Studies
    Conference, 1998).
    * First editor of an electronic periodical on the Marching Arts and
    Sciences (1997-).
    * The first internet web site devoted exclusively to the marching arts
    and sciences (1997-).
    * First choreographer of marching to conceive, teach, and rehearse a complete show entirely without the use of drill charts or "designs"
    * The first presentation of marching at a nationally recognized academic forum for the arts (University of Rochester Visual and Cultural Studies Conference, 1995).
    * First Planar Analyst of choreographed marching (1995).
    * First Chairman of RAMD Virtual Symposium, perhaps the first academic
    forum of its kind (1995).
    * The first library devoted exclusively to the Marching Arts and
    Sciences (1994).
    * The first complete taxonomy of drill (1993).
    * First instructor of the Upright Method of Functional Style Marching (1989).

    In addition to the United States Army, Rice was instructed in marching technique by John Oppedisano, USA Drum Major Academy, and The George
    Parks Drum Major Academy. Additional movement study was gained under the tutorship of Carol Lessinger (Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement/Functional Integration), Tim Sheehan (Tai-Chi Chuan), Jack Livingston (Tai-Chi Chuan), and Gordon Paxman (Ballet). Further limited experience in the performing arts was gained in songwriting, musical arranging and composition, amateur theater, musical theater, opera, and professional ballet. Rice has been a student of Tai-Chi since 1988.
    Rice's student teaching (one half year) was administered under the
    private supervision of Mr. Robert Campbell, South Davis Junior High
    School Director of Bands and then President of the Utah Music Educator's Association, freelance percussionist, former timpanist of the Utah
    Symphony, and an authority on rhythm education.

    Rice, a "Promising Young Artist" according to the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts (1981) is listed in Marquis' "Who's Who in the
    West" biographical indexes, 26th edition and 27th (pending) edition. He
    is Co-Founder of RAMD Virtual Symposium, author of dozens of publications
    on marching, and a proud progeny of a WWII soldier whose work as a
    veteran was acknowledged by the Queen of England and whose memory was recently honored by the President of the United States. His direct
    ancestors fought in nearly every major American campaign, including WWII,
    the Civil War, the War of 1812 and the American Revolutionary War.

    Currently, Rice is a professional Case Management Intake Coordinator for Catastrophic Claims at Intermountain Health Care (IHC), Official Health Insurance for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. He assists nurses in controlling premiums by extracting and organizing data for
    catastrophic/high dollar cases which can be more effectively and cheaply managed. IHC was last year presented with the Quality Leader Award from
    the National Research Corporation as one of the top HMO's in the country (based on a national study national study of more than 165,000 U.S. households), and was ranked among the top %6 of America's HMO's,
    according to Newsweek (9/28/98). He is formerly a Customer Service Professional at Aetna/U.S. Healthcare Solutions Department, a Nurse Aid,
    and a Support Specialist for Developmentally Disabled.

    Stuart Rice is a retired band director and retired librarian, serving in Cataloging/Record Maintenance, Manuscripts and Shelving divisions at the Juilliard, University of Utah Music, and University of Utah Marriott
    Research libraries. Rice is presently completing a course in human
    anatomy and is a candidate for the Arts and Culture Program Specialist position for the Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympic Games. He believes one
    should "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are" (Theodore Roosevelt).

    Please welcome Stuart Rice.

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