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    On Saturday, July 17, 1999 at 2:00:00 AM UTC-5, Justin Fisher wrote:
    Very well said.....
    Tennessee can, could have, and should have, and will someday, have a quality corps that people aren't afraid of. This corps has experienced what every other one is most terrified of....poor administration. That's what it boils down to....
    I've read other posts and listened to people's comments, and I did get a lot out of what I accomplished there! I became a better player, (a sidenote<I
    had the section leader position of a top 12 drumline this summer, but quit due to the lack of organization)....and last summer, I learned a lot about myself as a teacher. So, to all out there that are wondering what I'm
    getting to...the players ARE in this region, competent staff ARE in this region, but as we all very well know, competent administration that is
    worthy and capable of running and turning out a successful corps is yet to
    be found. And as far as someone higher up figuring things out, it's impossible.................we tried.

    Justin..I realize this is like 20 years later....and you will probably never even see this... But I somehow ran up on this post. This is Matt, I was the guard instructor in '98 (still not paid...btw).. And everything y'all said is SO TRUE. However, I
    miss the bond we all made just trying survive the summer with Chris:)

    Find me Justin...I want to buy you a beer!

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