• Favorite Drum Majors?

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    My favorite Drum Major of all time as the gentleman who led the Seneca Optimists of Toronto, Canada in 1977 (Tied for 9th place with Capital Freelancers... 82.40). I sure wish I knew his name. I think his first
    name was Joel (?). If anyone knows his identity, please let me know.

    Tall, dignified and commanding; he represented the ideal D.M. in my
    opinion. A few years later, a friend compared my own conducting style to that excellent Drum Major from the Optimists.

    He had a terrific "stage presence," and wonderful hand gestures. The corps followed his every move.

    This Drum Major was memorable not only for his excellence, but also for his ethnicity. He was a black man conducting a DCI Finalist Corps. That was a rarity during the 1970s.

    The corps' performance from that year is still in included frequently in video montages. The image of the entire corps hiding beneath a huge parachute is unforgettable.

    Anyone else have a favorite Drum Major?

    Gregg Wynn
    Drum Major, '76ers of Syracuse, NY(1977 & 1978)--

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