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    From itchynutsftw@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Mon Oct 22 21:38:44 2018
    Interesting article, sounds like a pitty party with pink ballons and baby wipes. Please tell that fat fuck to erase those illegal video recordings of my ass while i walked up the stairs in Apex. I heard he touched himself to those videos while crying
    about not having any friends. Fat fucken loser, tell that lard ass he needs to stop eating all that Apex food and not paying for it. He’s only enabling himself from being bullied, its not my fault If he temps me to call him a fat ass because he loves
    eating pizza, I did not point a gun on his head and tell him to eat a large pizza, combo #5 from mc donalds and a large order of wings from pizza hut. Some people just need to be called fat fucks so they wont grow up to be sandy vaginas, his mom fucked
    up yo. Now this little fat fuck grew up thinking hes entitled to some kind of reparation act where people must do what he sais because they pointed out his micro penis/ vagina when he was in middle school. Please everyone, put the balloons away, he dont
    deserve no pitty party, hes just fat. Lets move the party next door where kids don’t have a single parent nor any kind of guidance and they grow up to be amazing people. Take this fat guy to a sauna and the closest treadmill in Planet Fitness. Jury is
    adjourned until further bullies have a chance to defend themselfs from such article.

    With regards,

    Jenny Craig

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