• '89 Blue Devils

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    On Sunday, July 7, 1996 at 2:00:00 AM UTC-5, Ross C Garin wrote:

    Does anybody out there have a recording (audio or video) of the '89 Devils from a show other than Finals? The only recording I have is of finals, and I would like to hear "If We Were In Love" with the "normal" trumpet solo at the end. I would like to be able to remember that song
    the way the poor kid played it all season long, and not the one time it
    went wrong. I will arrange payment for shipping and a tape, if someone
    can help me here.

    Ross Garin
    Carnegie Mellon University

    Hey there, i cannot seem to find the Finals solo frack. Could you be so kind as to send me the link? the old link i had disconnected the website. Thanks

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