• Ken Mazur's disturbing views

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    He once told me about a thing he invented: a trap set with 4 bass drums. Never
    figured out how it worked, though.

    Hey Alan:
    Not exactly sure how I got on this thread, but a couple of points. First, I marched with the Golden Garrison out of Ypsilanti, MI their second and third year (I think - it's been awhile). Thanks for bringing back the great memories and my start in drum
    Second, I marched in the Phantom Regiment in 1980 and for the Blue Devils in 1984.
    So, before I auditioned for Phantom I took lessons from Ken. (I lived in Novi at the time). He had his 4-bass drum set then and demonstrated it for me. Basically, it required a very sturdy throne and had to be hours of practice to get the feet to move
    between all 4 pedals (5 if you add the hi hat). He had individual pedals on each bass drum - 2 each to his left and right as he looked straight ahead (at the audience, if you will). It required incredible balance to move his feet that far, while also
    moving his hands and playing some incredible stuff.
    Anyway, hope that description helps with the 4-bass drum set idea.
    And, again, thanks for bringing up good memories!!

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    I met Ken Mazur at his house. Talked to him and watch him play the 4bass drums. Unlike Alex Valen who I love! Ken had 4 bass drums of different sizes. The concept was lots of snare drum woum and backed up by accents of 4 different pitches like 4
    bassdrum players in Corp. It was cool. I have no rumors about Ken. 1rst hand he was respect. In Detroit wher I lived were 30min. from Canada. Some corp leaders drove me out to meet him. He gave me one of his books called Techniques and machanics of
    rudamental snare drumming. Space age stuff in there if u can find it. Kens ok by me!!!

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