• Happy Birthday, Jack "King" Kirby!

    From Kevrob@21:1/5 to All on Tue Aug 28 10:29:44 2018
    From the Newsboy Legion and The Guardian, to The Challengers of the Unknown, to the wondrous Fourth World, Jack Kirby produced a tom of great DC Comics.

    He may be more well known for his Timely/Atlas?Marvel work, but Jack and
    his then-partner Joe Simon turned out great original characters for National, and took over others like Manhunter, The Sandman and later Green Arrow and
    made them popular.

    Simon and Kirby invented the "love comic," and were an early part of
    the "horror" comics trend with "Black Magic."

    I got to shake Jack's hand at a Chicago Comic Con/Wizard World many
    years ago. Even better, a buddy of mine who inkedfor DC snuck
    my fat face onto the body of one of Apokolips' "hunger dogs" in
    "Adventures of Superman" 426.

    All hail, the King!

    Kevin R
    a.a #2310

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