• Longbow Hunters (Black Canary's Rape)

    From gokuamir@gmail.com@21:1/5 to STEPHEN ER on Sat Aug 25 12:33:52 2018
    On Monday, July 3, 1995 at 12:00:00 AM UTC-7, ROBINSON, STEPHEN ER wrote:
    I must disagree with whoever has said that Black Canary was not
    raped in Longbow Hunters.
    All the evidence points to the contrary. Her brutalizer tells
    his partner that he should get "some of this while she still
    has a face."
    Also, Dinah's assault left her unable to conceive, meaning
    some sort of sexual assualt took place (even if she wasn't
    raped, per se).
    And she was unable to be intimate with Oliver for quite awhile.
    This is common post-rape trauma.
    Black Canary had been fighting crime for quite a while. I'm sure
    she'd been beaten within an inch of her life before. But rape
    or any sexual assualt would be traumatizing enough to explain
    her inaction for the issues after Longbow Hunters.



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