• So what Dc Movies do ya want made?

    From The Wizard@21:1/5 to All on Mon Aug 13 05:05:11 2018
    I think that a Swamp Thing film with lots of CGI, rather than an actor in a costume, would be way cool! However with the DC streaming network doing a
    live series on the character would kill that opportunity! I wonder what WB
    is going to do about his role in the upcoming Justice League Dark flick on
    the Big Screen?!!?!?!?!?

    Power Girl could be possible, but she would have to be presented as the
    cousin of a Superman from another dimension (Earth-2 to us). This would
    make a great gateway to a Justice Society of America film (set to 1940), as
    she explains on her home dimension there are/where older versions of
    Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, plus other
    heroes that don't exist on JL's home like Dr. Fate, Hourman, Wildcat, etc.!

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  • From The Wizard@21:1/5 to All on Tue Sep 18 23:56:29 2018
    There are so many DC Movies I would like to seen made, and so many have been made, as for others my votes goes for the following:

    Green Arrow (Either Neal Adams, or Mike Grell style)
    Hawkman (Golden Age style)
    Robotman (Golden Age style)
    Starman (Golden Age style)
    Sandman (Wesley Dobbs)
    Vigilante (Gregg Saunders)
    Crimson Avenger (Original style)
    Wildcat (Golden Age style)
    The Atom (Silver Age style)
    Booster Gold

    Outside the Super-Hero genre:
    Sgt. Rock
    G.I. Combat
    Jonah Hex (sequel of the James Brolin performance)
    Tomahawk (Tom Hawk)
    The Metal Men (with lots of CGI)
    Challenges of The Unknown
    Sea Devils
    The Warlord
    Arion, Lord of Atlantis

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