• DC's Upcoming Streaming Channel

    From The Wizard@21:1/5 to All on Fri Aug 10 21:48:04 2018
    I know that DC has a lot of live series for their streaming channel which includes Teen Titans; Nightwing; Swamp Thing; Doom Patrol; The Outsiders;
    Star Girl, and some others! I am sure these will be low-budget for some
    years before it gets its support base! I am sure they will re-run some of there existing projects like Batman: The Animated Series; Batman-Brave & The Bold; Super-Friends, etc., as well some movies like Batman, Superman: The Movie; Steel; etc.!

    How about some original animated series for this net, perhaps in the mold of Batman: The Animated series, or even like that of the periodical videos like Superman vs. The Elite? This is a great way to build up some recognition
    for the more obscured characters!

    My picture for a streaming animated series are:

    Booster Gold
    Blue Beetle
    Blue Devil
    Justice Society of America (set in the 40s)
    Suicide Squad
    Green Arrow
    Brave & The Bold (rotating cast)
    Phantom Stranger
    Legion of Super-Heroes

    Perhaps some animated series of other DC genres could be a great idea, my
    top ten choices are:

    The Warlord
    Sea Devils (60s)
    Stalker, Man with a Stolen Soul
    Sgt. Rock
    Jonah Hex
    House of Mystery
    The Unexpected
    Nathaniel Dusk
    Slam Bradley

    What do the rest of you all think?

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