• Letters to DC Comics

    From Noahide Videos Bible@21:1/5 to All on Wed Jul 25 19:41:45 2018
    Dear DC
    (Sent online on the 18th of June 6181 SC / 18th of June 2018 CE)
    After years of considering the issue, I have this current conclusion. Endless supplies of new number ones for established titles, just to garner sales, is a bit fake. The current spate of Marvel number 1s will last a while, but they'll do it again soon
    enough. Totally fake. Ok, the 52 concept ran for 52 issues - fair enough. But the Batman volume 3 is now past 52 and taken volume 2, so, when it comes right down to it, for my own buying power vote I would really prefer if you just continued with the
    standard numbering of where the title is currently up to. I would probably lose interest in collecting new DC Comics if there was a relaunch down the track, mainly to just complete my collection and finish up with comics. But if the numbering continues I
    will maintain a spits and spurts approach to building my new issues collection, working on the missing ones as back issues. This is how my Aussie dollars would be spent on DC Comics. I've been on two minds on the issue for a long time, but in the end I
    would probably rather have the same title with a large sequence number run which just keeps on going, so I can keep on collecting it steadily and building that run. A long run is what serious comic collectors probably want in the end anyway.
    Daniel – Canberra

    Dear DC
    (Sent online on the 29th of June 6181 SC / 29th of June 2018 CE)
    How about:
    'Second Millennium: Revenge of the Manhunters'
    As a sequel to the Millennium series

    Dear DC
    (Sent online on the 29th of June 6181 SC / 29th of June 2018 CE)
    Requested Sequels/Follow ups/characters.
    Green Lantern: Mosaic
    Blue and Gold
    Doom Force
    Particle Man (from JLIQ 5)
    The Conglomerate
    Global Guardians
    Justice League 3002
    Ben 10
    Fire and Ice: The Adventures of Green Flame and Ice Maiden
    Black Canary
    Camelot 3000
    Tailgunner Jo
    Arak Son of Thunder
    Arion Lord of Atlantis
    The Darkstars
    Chronicles of Oa
    Hellcops of Thanagar
    Cult Lords of Rann
    Czarnia Reborn
    The Ice Caverns of Mars (Frozen Martians found of Jonn Jonzz species)
    Daniel Daly

    Dear DC
    (Sent online 10th of July 2018)
    Honestly, I would much prefer the 1 to 10, 1 to 25 and 1 to 100 ratio variant covers system from a few years back. For the 'simply a variant' cover, the variant is not particularly collectable in any sense of being particularly rarer than the standard
    cover. I don't normally bother chasing up variant covers because of this. Yet I was a huge fan of the rarer variants based on the ratio. For my vote, please return to the prior system. Just on my own vote as a collector and purchases or current DC
    Yours sincerely
    Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly
    Canberra, Australia

    Dear DC
    (Sent Online 18th of July 2018)
    The 'Real Heroes' imprint.
    All heroes are humans with no magical or meta-human powers. Only real humans - no aliens.
    They're are lots of heroes like Batman and lots of anti-heroes like Deadshot and Wild Dog.
    The key to success of the imprint is 'Reality' and dealing with issues from Real Life and putting
    heroes in stark situations that humans can find themselves in.
    Reality based Super heroes.
    You could kick ass DC if you do it right.
    Daniel Daly
    Canberra, Australia

    New counter-partners
    (Sent Online 24th of July 2018)
    Batboy or Batkid
    Wonder Guy
    Gay Gardner the Green Lantern (Woman)
    Plastic Woman
    Beast Girl
    The Aquamarine Beetle
    Lexina Luthor (female cousin of Lex)
    The Timewalking Titans
    That's all

    Just looked at Augusts hitlist.
    (Sent online 26th of July 2018)
    Don't you cater for Justice League International style comics anymore? Where is Blue Beetle? Where is Booster Gold?
    Where is anything which is fun? I suppose I could give Harley Quinn a go, but she's inundated with the kind of fans
    which aren't DC fans - they're 'popular comics' fans.
    August looks like muscleclad we're all frikking gods comics from DC. There is not much heart there. Don't think I want
    to order, and why couldn't you keep Lucifer's logo the same?
    Well, no matter. Still plenty of older series to complete in back issue collecting. I'm 45 and times change I guess.
    Comics aren't very cool any more. They are for egos.

    Dear DC
    (Sent online 26th of July 2018)
    I know Blue Beetle doesn't have a huge fanbase. Certainly not big enough to warrant permanent ongoing status, but just recurring like many of the titles. But he is quite old as you know, and as he is my favourite alongside Booster Gold, it would be
    appreciated for his next run if you could introduce a sidekick. Perhaps 'Megabug' or something similar and appropriate, who is younger and whom the Blue Beetle trains and advises. Further, could you please go through the back issues for the series in a
    future series development (whenever it comes along) and develop a proper and lasting pantheon of arch-enemies. Superman and Batman have their traditional foes, as do most of the major super-heroes. If possible could you use villains from Blue Beetle's
    past (especially the 1980s series, with villains like Catalyst, Carapax and Firefist) and make them permanent adversaries of the Blue Beetle. Please develop him, albeit slowly, into a similar franchise like Batman and Superman, with traditional themes
    and adversaries and sidekicks. It would be appreciated whenever the next series comes along.
    Yours Sincerely
    Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly
    Canberra, Australia

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  • From Noahide Videos Bible@21:1/5 to All on Thu Jul 26 02:21:28 2018
    Dear DC
    (Sent online 26th of July 2018)
    If you want a comic which actually sells try 'The Wonder Twins' from the 1970s Super Friend, with metallic foil and psychedelic backgrounds on the covers, with the same design of cartoon image for the wonder twins from the series. Not every frkking
    body wants grim and gritty super intense all the time DC. We want cool, relaxed and light hearted comics, and a lot of nostalgia
    as well. Remember many of us comic BUYERS like our nostalgia. Want to sell comics? Don't forget the old heroes and styles
    of doing things. There is a group on facebook called 'Old Guys who like old comics'. They use 1986 as the cutoff date. Start
    marketing for these guys also, and you'll actually take that number 1 slot from Marvel.
    Think about it.
    Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly
    Canberra, Australia

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  • From Comics, Coins, Stamps and Collectab@21:1/5 to All on Sun Sep 16 17:35:04 2018
    Dear DC

    An atlernative Multiverse Universe Jason Mamoa Aquaman is the way to go.
    And the 'black' Starfrie in Teen Titans TV series should also be used in an alternative multiverse. You can't change the traditional characters ethnicity, as that just wouldn't be right in the end, but you can do different versions of the
    heroes as different ethnicities in the multivrerse. If DC does it in the movies it
    would be best for the comics to reflect this also, to justify what is done in the
    movies and for the character in the movies to not be fake. If you do this for Jason Momoa Aquaman he would be 'Real' as a genuine fullblood DC character
    and not just a halfblood.

    Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly
    Canberra, Australia

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  • From Noahide Videos Bible@21:1/5 to All on Sat Oct 27 06:52:26 2018
    Dear DC
    I was looking at the JLA 80 page giant no 2 from November 1999. At the end it tells things the Executive Editor does, which includes making sure the universe - the DC Universe - moves forward. So obviously you have to advance with the eras, and stay
    current, but also set the pace in the comic world at times. Indies do a lot of that - setting the pace with new ideas and innovations. But the big 2 really should be doing their share of the work in this respect also. A title like 'Naomi', from my
    perspective, having looked at the blurb on Previews, seems to be setting a bit of new ground for DC. The idea of using a first name as a comic title is somewhat original, and comes across well. In a forward thinking DC Universe I would suggest that is
    a good idea. We can have all the cool titles under the sun, with superheroes who are superly cosmic, but I think Naomi, a simple name for a comic, is actually, perhaps, very forward thinking. But maybe more than that. It's a name. A real person's
    name in a sense. And a popular one. And it is that idea, coming into the real world in a sense, which is perhaps more than just forward thinking, but eternally constant thinking. It's an idea which can remain in every generation - a comic called Naomi.
    Superman does his thing, and the moniker will probably remain popular, but cottoning onto things which naturally endure, like a comic called 'Naomi' is probably a very good idea. Maybe DC could consider going on with traditions in society in future
    comic titles of things which resonate, not just with this current era, but with every era. Interesting.
    Keep at it DC. Luv ya stuff.
    Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly
    Canberra, Australia

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