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    You fuckers went woke, now your asses are going to taste $200 million broke. How does that shit taste?

    The Flash is set to be one of the biggest comic book releases in
    Warner Bros. Discovery’s upcoming catalog, but the recent drama
    surrounding star actor Ezra Miller has left the company unsure
    of how to proceed.

    According to The Hollywood Reporter in a recent story, the
    ongoing issues surrounding Miller — including their most recent
    charge with a felony burglary on Monday — have left Warner Bros.
    Discovery unsure of how to proceed with the planned The Flash
    film. The report mentions that as of right now, the studio is
    weighing three options for how to treat the film as the issues

    First, the report mentions that Warner Bros. Discovery has
    received indications that Miller will be seeking professional
    help after returning to their family’s farm in Vermont. Should
    that happen, Miller would then likely give an interview at some
    point in order to try and explain their recent erratic behavior,
    in which case they would then likely do limited press for The
    Flash, with the film opening in cinemas around the world as

    The second scenario, according to the report, would see WB still
    release the film should Miller not seek help, but would
    essentially exclude Miller from any and all marketing and
    publicity for the film. This would also mark the end of Miller’s
    time as The Flash, as the report mentions Warner Bros. would be
    recasting them in any and all future projects.

    Finally, the last and most severe scenario would see WB outright
    canceling the film should more issues with Miller arise. This is
    likely to be seen as the most drastic outcome, but due to
    Miller’s involvement with the film — the report mentions that
    they are “in almost every scene” of the movie — and how
    impossible it would be to reshoot it, the company would have no
    choice. However, due to the large budget of the film and how
    well the film is reportedly testing amongst audiences, it’s
    likely that is the very last thing that the studio wants.

    Trouble has followed Miller for some time now, as the 29-year-
    old actor was just recently charged with felony burglary after
    allegedly stealing bottles of alcohol from a home in Vermont.
    Earlier this year, Miller was arrested in April and booked on
    suspicion of second-degree assault, and a month prior to that in
    March, Miller was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and
    harassment following an incident in Hawaii as well.

    https://www.comingsoon.net/movies/news/1234522-the-flash-ezra- miller-warner-bros-options

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