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    From Noahide@21:1/5 to All on Wed Mar 3 05:38:28 2021
    Critics who panned 'Catwoman' are morons. I'm half way through the flick, and it's awesome. I'm pretty sure these days a lot of the critics of DC movies are people who don't understand well. Life in general. They don't understand well. But not just
    DC movies, but lots of things. I think a lot of the critics are haters and people who don't understand something on its own merit. Catwoman so far is a perfectly consistent, logical and entertaining movie. DC movies are not required to be kickass
    action superhero movies. They are required to be good movies. And Catwoman so far is very, very good. Charm. A fine selection from days a little further back when they were not so carnal as they are in today's movies. It's good stuff. It's positive,
    happy and that word again – charm. It's got heaps of charm. It's got strong social feel to it, and Halle is really very likeable as Catwoman, but more, as Patience Phillips. It's really good. It's not quite 100% a DC sort of Catwoman. Not quite.
    It's more of a fresh Catwoman of a more original nature. But that said, it is a DC project, and this new Catwoman has come into the corpus of DC movies as a new idea for Catwoman. I'm really enjoying this movie so far. Far from boring, and the pace is
    good enough for me, and the decent language is very appealing. My recent burst with Birds of Prey was a rush of intense language and action. Catwoman is far more sedate, but really quite lovely. If you appreciate genuinely cool and charming movies,
    watch this one. I can't speak in the end for everyones taste in things. If you are expect DC Catwoman, you'll get her somewhat, but if you just want a refreshing and cool movie, believe me, I'm taken with her. First class stuff.

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