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    On sale date: Sept 10, 1970 - a little over 50 years ago!

    For 16 years WORLD'S FINEST COMICS had hosted teamups
    of Superman with the Dynamic Duo, Batman & Robin.
    Originally a 100-page anthology spotlighting DC's top
    two features on the cover, backed by popular strips
    of the second-rank (The Sandman, Boy Commandos, The
    Green Arrow) WF had been whittled down over the years,
    eventually being reduced to the new standard length
    (32 pps + covers) at the 10 cent price point. Just
    before that it had been 64 pages for $0.15. #197 was
    released in mid-August, 1970, as a 64-page reprint
    "Giant," for 25ยข. #71, from May of 154, was too slim
    to contain separate Superman and Batman stories and
    still have room for a back-up feature meant to showcase
    a character fans of National's big guns didn't normally read.
    The editors decided to combine the "cape and cowl" into one
    feature, and "THE WORLD'S FINEST TEAM" was born! Or just
    named, anyway. S,B & R had been working together on the
    radio for years.

    But in 1970, with editorship of Superman titles being
    taken from Mort Weisinger and put in the hands of Julie
    Schwartz and Murray Boltinoff, the Superman-Batman teamups
    were replaced by Superman and rotating guest-stars, with
    a two-part Flash/Kal-El race kicking things off in #198
    and #199.


    Nifty Curt Swan cover


    Snazzy Neal Adams cover

    The WFC logo was reworked into a banner leaving room
    for each hero's own personal marks, at least until #211.
    Superman's own version of Batman's THE BRAVE AND THE
    BOLD was over by August, 1972. [issue #211, which
    guest-starred the modern-day Western crimefighter,
    The Vigilante.) #215 brought back the teamups of
    the Man of Tomorrow and the Darknight Detective, but
    usually Robin couldn't get away from his studies at
    Hudson University to take part. As it was, Dick Grayson
    got to guest-star once without Bruce, and 3 of the issues
    in that run featured Batman. But there were some cool
    issues, notably the ones featuring Dr Fate and the original
    Teen Titans.

    The concept of "Supes teams with whoever" was successfully
    revived as "DC COMICS PRESENTS" in 1978, likely an
    attempt to cash in on SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE.


    DCCP lasted a healthy 97 issues, with the team-up format being
    tried out in ACTION COMICS under the hand of John Byrne.


    In 1970, splitting up "Your two favorite heroes - Together!"
    seemed as radical as....turning all the Kryptonite on Earth
    unto iron! It was a nice change of pace, though. The few
    S&B issues in the `70-`72 run must have outsold the other

    I ran across Brian Cronin's remembrances here:


    Kevin R

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